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One in 25 hair salon marketing will do well

Tamara Forrest-Smith

…Because only one in 25 hair salons market well

By the time I reach the end of Ashley Road I can easily count at least 25 hair salons, but I only pay a visit to the one that I finally discovered after 5 years of living in and around Manchester, in “my” salon I like both, the shop and the stylists.

The reason for my affection is simple though… I like the shop to be busy (it creates greater buzz and makes me feel good), I like the stylists to
look cool (makes me feel they’ll care about my look as well), I like the staff to be friendly and in general I like that it feels like everyone is happy to be there.

And indeed my salon is clearly doing so much better than the other 25 near or half empty salons that I pass every day on my way to the gym…

So I can not help but wonder how come only one in 25 salons is doing well in a town that is one of the wealthiest in the whole of Britain?

The answer to that is also simple…

My salon seems to be the only salon that do active salon marketing. In fact their hair marketing is so effective I would call it an Extreme Salon marketing.

Here’s why  their salon is always packed.

They have huge, enormous banner stuck in the car park of of the local supermarket – so thousands of visitors can see their hair salon advertisement every day of the week.

When you check them out online, their salon website looks cool, they look professional, seem to be hair crazy and really cool as well.

You can read online reviews about the salon, and they score quite high.

The stuff is trained so effectively at in-salon marketing, it hardly feels they are selling anything. From recommend a friend vouchers to clever small screen advertising as you are having your hair done has been carefully planned and executed.

The stuff greets you by the first name, remembers your hair problems, hair style, they are friendly and you feel like your hair is in good hands (do not underestimate the fear of stylists women have).

The music is funky, current, stylists look cool.

The windows are cleverly used for hair salon marketing and looks like they mean business.

The social media feeds are up to date and the new hair service promotions and offers are flying around everywhere.

And most importantly the salon always looks packed. I know so because I have to pass their shop windows almost daily on my way to the gym and whether it’s Tuesday afternoon or a Saturday evening they are packed!

Now that is the hair business I get excited about :)

So the question is, if it is so obvious that their marketing efforts are clearly paying off, the question is what are the rest of the 25 salons doing, or rather not doing that keeps them so quiet?

Here’s a question for your salon, if you were to list how many ways do you market your hair salon business what would you say?

What do you do to actively generate new clients in the salon on a daily, weekly and monthly bases?

When was it the last time you reviewed, adjusted and created salon marketing campaigns?

Hope you are getting the message, go ahead, grab a pen and paper and start reviewing your day to day salon marketing activities, because marketing is what brings you clients, puts cash in the till and pays bills.

Tamara Machavariani, Salon Punk

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