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Old Salon Marketing The New Way

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I just had a thought. I used to hate Monday in the salon but we did a ton of stuff to change things.

Here’s one thing you can change today.

You know when someone walks into your salon and asks the question … “How much for a cut and blow dry please?”

Here’s a trick you can use every single time to make sure you keep every client in your salon and opening their purse or wallet.

OK here we go.

When they ask you the question you need to understand they have already decided to pay for a new haircut at your salon. How do I know? Trust me I’ve been a student of marketing and teacher of marketing for 25 years, they are already sold because they have sold themselves!

So now you know they have already decided all you have to do is makes sure you tell them what they want to hear.

The truth is they don’t want a robotic read-out of a salon price list. Neither do I, neither do you. That just irritates and sends them packing.

This is what you do.

Come from behind the desk (scary) and stand in front of them. Ignore their question on prices and introduce yourself. This will open them in a second.

Then say to them …

“Before I tell you how much can I share with you what I can do with your hair, how to change it so you look amazing?”

Then take her to your newly allocated consulting area … Just allocate it please right now!

Then sit with her, DO NOT STAND BEHIND HER (unless you’re in love of course but make sure she loves you or prepare for a slap!)

After you have done the consulting simply say these magic words…

“I can do that right now if you like?”


If she can’t stay, she’ll be back ASAP. This is what we call a call to cation or asking for the sale in the nicest possible way or … Giving the client what the client actually wants… to look and feel amazing!

Drop-dead easy salon marketing that works (unless you get the slap of course but thats for another time)

Enjoy Monday… Yahoooooo

Head Punk, A.F.S.

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