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Obsessed Salon Marketing

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Is it really tough out there for salons?

According to one salon ‘expert’ online yes it is. He said these are trying times for salon owners and marketing their salon.

Actually I don’t believe that for one second. All I can see for any hair or beauty salon owner during a tough time is opportunity and so should you. Here’s why.

When cash is tight people become more and more careful about what they spend on. They look at the service, the value, the overall quality and of course the feelings they personally get from the service in your salon.

The salon marketing ‘expert’ who said it’s tough clearly has no real life salon experience as a hair salon owner. I grew a huge salon business in the a deep recession in 1990s. We grew and grew and grew.

The word or thought of recession never entered into my mind. It appeared it never entered into the clients mind either because I can share with you we were always packed to the hilt with clients almost falling out the door we were so busy.

The main reason was simple; we became obsessed and super focused on service, nothing more.

You see the salon expert online sells marketing materials but the truth is all the great marketing materials in the world won’t make a scrap of difference in your salon if you don’t become service obsessed. And when you do become service obsessed, client obsessed, quality obsessed, your clients will be drawn to your salon like a bee to the flower because what you offer will become irresistible.

Here’s two things you can do today.

  1. Review every aspect of your salon services (they are never as good as you think)
  2. Quadrupled check that every client leaves your salon feeling like a goddess, so she can float down the street knowing every guy that walks past her wants to eat breakfast with her.

It’s not rocket science. it’s not about great adverts only. It’s not about great advertising only.

It’s about your salon making sure your clients adore who and what you do because you make them feel incredible.

One more thing. So many experts on the web that are untested, unproven fakist experts it’s just boring as hell. Ignore them. and get on with the business of doing salon business.

Over and out.

Head Punk, A.F.S.

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