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my salon my rules

Tamara Forrest-Smith

In Recent years, according to Salon industry sales in the USA alone has exceeded 40 billion USDs, and at it’s peak the sector has been growing with a healthy rate of 116%!  (figures are combined number of salon establishments with payroll employees and non-employer salon establishments).

But as the world economy continues to deepen into the recession, can salon industry players and indeed salon owners afford to rely on just promising statistical figures and in city office cubicles conducted analytical forecasts, or as Alan Forrest Smith quotes can “sit on your back side salon marketing” really work?

No longer.

Illusions of salon marketing and salon management.

Being a company house registered salon ownership is not enough… not any more, neither printing business cards satisfy bank account, in the middle of economic chaos the new era of salon entrepreneurship has arrived and those that take leadership and claim their right to create a truly successful beauty and salon business can rock n roll all the way to fatter bank accounts.

My Salon My Rules! 

History is full of successful “rule-breakers” in or outside of the salon industry, just one brilliant example of late Sassoon would be enough to mention, and in this context, we think it is worth mentioning little known success secrets, there are The

UNBREAKABLE Rules of Salon Marketing.

There are rules of marketing that can never be broken, even in salons. As a trainer and consultant to salon businesses, just like yours, we come across one thing continually. It’s the one thing that easily destroys most salon businesses. It’s the one thing that can easily save ALL or ANY salon business.

It’s the one word that most unsuccessful salon businesses resist. That one word is MARKETING! Yet … Rule-breaking and outside of the hairdressing scissor box marketing can serve your salon customers with packed column books and till.

And can also serve you with a nice bank account, ability to pay your bills and enough spare cash to come off salon floor to enjoy free time with family and friends if that’s what you choose.

In conclusion, as the world leaders continue to tackle global recession, those who continue living with “My Salon My Rules” manifesto, and see beyond their salon doors are the ones finding new windows of opportunities.

If your salon business needs help with some ideas how to take your salon to the next level, send us an email, explain a little about your salon and let’s arrange a call to talk through, or check out our salon owners programs, CLICK HERE.

At your service
Tamara Machavariani
Salon Punk

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