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Monday Morning Salon Marketing

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Monday Morning Marketing

So it’s Monday.

Last Monday was a crap day for takings. This Monday looks like a crap day for takings. In fact almost every Monday has been a crap day for salon takings for years now. You open your salon on a Monday for one reason only … habit!

I know, I’ve done it, been there and sat for a whole day in my salon with just two clients coming in for haircuts.

So what can you do?

Well like all new clean pages, Monday is the start of a new week for you and salon business, treat it that way and write down what you want to happen.

Remember there are only 3 real ways for you to increase salon business.

  • More clients.
  • Increase salon averages.
  • Increase salon takings.

So Monday is your chance to think and make that happen.

Let me ask you this; are you collecting mobile phone numbers from clients? No! Are you nuts!

It’s no accident that all of the big web boys are investing heavily into mobile technology. Why? Mobile technology is your first point of contact on the 21st century for your business.

Think about your salon marketing like this.

  • You have a huge list of mobile numbers of local clients.
  • You then have another crappy slow Monday.
  • You also have a list of special deals you can create for Monday or slow days.

You open your computer, go to your mobile technology/SMS provider and send out a short, sharp, punchy offer using the huge power of a text or 140 letters.

I’ve done this in salons for slow days and packed out dead salons in 60 minutes or less… it works!

It’s very easy, very simple and maybe a new way of salon marketing for you. Just cause it’s new doesn’t mean you can’t do it right?

Here’s a couple of links for you if you know zero about mobile marketing.

Go to and read all of his stuff. It’s a no brainer to do.

Of course, you’ll find stacks online, just search for the easiest to use.

Visit Salon Extreme 21

Monday Morning Salon Marketing Inner Image

By the way, if you Monday is as dead as a doornail today all you have to do is do something. This is a great way to kick-start your salon marketing efforts into high-gear.

Up to you.

You have choices of course. Sit around on your backside all day and hope, pray that someone walks in the door. Sit around and wait until the minute arrives when you can shut your salon door, go home and moan how slow your business is or …

Take action and turn your salon around.

Salons are built on huge action.

It’s all about choice, your choice for the day.

Have a wonderful Monday …

Head Punk, A.F.S.

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