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MONDAY: Do this in your salon for an amazing week

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Even if you’re off on Monday in your mind you’re still at your salon. Do this simple exercise and it’ll give you an amazing week I promise.

Mondays for me in the early days always felt as if I was freaking out over what the week would bring into my salon. Until that is I found out this simple ritual.

I would use Monday to do things like doing things at home, relaxing, cutting the grass, taking my dog for a walk and so on. This always gave me the mental space to give decent thinking to what was happening at the salon. Thus, in turn, would lead to me take a decision on what was going to happen that week.

So, when I was done doing what I am doing I then created a simple and small weekly plan for my salons for the week.

Sounds easy I know but it’s just this.

  1. The stuff that increases the salon turnover do this first.
  2. The stuff you dread doing – do it second.
  3. The stuff that really needs doing do it last of all.

That’s what worked for me.

Then I would have a list of sorts so when I got into my salon on Tuesday morning I would be ready to set the world on fire at least for that week anyway.

So, use your Monday to plan your salon for the week.

The plan? What do I do, how do I do it, do I need help or advice, do I need to do anything in particular. Keep your plans detailed.

So, if that is what we do on Monday, what do we do on Tuesday? I’ll show you in the next section.

Whatever you do today don’t let the day end without making a plan for the week. This will help you push your salon forward.


The Salon Punk

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