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Marketing for salons: 5 Ways to Make Your Brick-And-Mortar Shop Mobile Friendly

Tamara Forrest-Smith

How can you make your salon shop more mobile friendly and get better results from your salon marketing? In the previous article, I have shared the excitement of how the future of brick-and-mortar shops like your salons are bright. After all with the 92% of clients wanting to continue to visit the “real” shop, it’s always a good idea to think about maximizing the client experience, foot traffic, and sales.

Here are quick 5 reminders on how to make your brick-and-mortar salon mobile friendly

1. Review how mobile-friendly is your salon website

Just like you would want to give a lick of paint to your shop every so often, make sure your salon website gets a fresh make-over/maintenance on a regular basis. When did you last reviewed your salon website?

  • Marketing for salon? It the website mobile-friendly?
  • Are all services easily accessible?
  • Can clients complete a booking seamlessly?
  • Is the website speed is fast enough?
  • Can clients scroll easily?

With today’s click and go expectations, it makes perfect business sense to make salon website DIY part of your routine.

2. Go Paid Search

Start buying the traffic. For a local brick-and-mortar salon business like yours, it makes a perfect sense to invest in paid online advertising for your salon. A local dude types in “men’s barbers in Nothern Quarter” and your salon ad appears at the top of the search. It sounds simple, and it is, yet the question is are you maximizing the paid traffic?

There is more to successful salon advertising online than simply paying money for it but it’s a tool worth investing not just cash but also in training and time to make every pound work for you harder.


3. Use Geo-Targeting media

Target specific areas based on the location of your salon. This is not new, but again, are you utilizing these tools? For example, your salon can use the technology to display salon promotions to nearby clients to take advantage of the local offers and special events.

Media you can use for geotargeting includes

  • Google AdWord location targeting
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Bing places

4. Encourage in-store opt-ins

Give something, get something back. Clients can be offered special offers through coupons or vouchers in exchange for opting in for your salon newsletter. You can then use clever email marketing to keep them coming back for more hair treatments and cut.

5. Digital receipts

Clients prefer (apparently 60% of them) getting a digital receipt. They are not only eco-friendly, but you can use this little tool to engage with your clients better. you could attach all kind of offers in your e-receipts, anything from a real-time client feedback to pushing rewards and recommend a friend offers.

In conclusion, these tools can help you run and manage your salon better and should become part of your overall salon marketing and salon management process.

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Yours in salon

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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