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Let’s All Fire a Bone Idle Stylist Today

Tamara Forrest-Smith

… Right Now!

Some stylists need to be taken to the front of the salon. You should then get their tools. Throw the out on the street and then … kick their backside off the premises! Be honest you’d love to do that right … RIGHT!

Why is it we all have stylists that are more than happy to sit around all do and do nothing?

Here’s the deal.

Let’s call her Helen as I had one of these losers once called Helen.

  • How come she never has a last client booked in.
  • How come her boyfriend always turns up knowing he doesn’t have a last stylist in?
  • How come she never has a client booked in around lunch time?
  • How come they always call in sick during the busy spells?
  • How come they always wanted to be treated like Kings and Queens EVEN WHEN they continue to treat us like losers and fools?
  • How come?

Yep, we know how come but we never take action.

So …

5 Things You Should Do Right Now To Sort Out These Losers

  1. If you have any suspicions confront them and stop them in their tracks before they destroy your salon business.
  2. Measure all missing last appointment clients and see how often it’s happening.
  3. Track all calls for sickness and confront them. Even ask for a medical certificate.
  4. Track all missing clients over lunch times If its regular … ask why?
  5. If they won’t comply … kick them outright now.

Bottom line: They destroy your hairdressing salon cause they don’t really care. You end up losing cash. You fold. They walk away and get another job, you end up totally stuffed!

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So …

If you really have to … keep all the records together of all the things they are doing wrong from now. When the time is right (sooner is better than later). Confront them. Walk them to the front of the salon. Open the salon door. Throw out their miserable bag of tools. Kick their butts and wave them bye, bye before they do that to do.

And I guarantee … before you know it you’ll have a new stylist knocking at your door asking for a job!

And by the way …

Your team will wonder why it took you so long to get rid of this loser and … they’ll think your a hero for doing it 😉

Alan Forrest Smith

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