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Keep Your Salon Open

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Empty Shops/Salons Hit Record Level!

14.6% of local shops are now empty. That number is expected to rise!

Could your salon be next?

More brand names like GAME are vanishing.

This leaves a trail of unemployment.

Now figures released are telling us nearly 3 million adults in the UK are now unemployed.

The same report from the BBC also revealed that finding a job has now become a full-time occupation taking up to 8 hours a day if successful.

Isn’t it about time you snatched back your life, took control of your life? I’ll give you a few tips in a second, read this first!

More and more people enquire daily about my MENTOR programs, are you one of them?

Here’s some reasons why you should give it a read over.

  • NEVER be unemployed again.
  • Create a life you want.
  • Never fill out a CV again.
  • Get paid more than your bank manager.
  • Get paid more than anyone you know.
  • You’ll get EVERYTHING from me, all I know from 27 years in business and more!
  • Jason went from street punk to six figure copywriter working with some of the webs best know entrepreneurs
  • Stephen flew all the way from Sydney to join me in England and went home to generate over one hundred thousands dollars in under 12 weeks!
  • Kevin turned his business around from facing bankruptcy to well over $2,4 million dollars in 11 months
  • Caroline went from pressure from the taxman, no cash flow, almost broke to a turnover increase of 53.4% in just 4 weeks!
  • David created a massive windfall of $300,000 in just 16 hours!
  • Alison earned $4,000 in a single week, that’s double what she earns in a month!
  • Sian gained the ability to replace her wage and replace it allowing her to walk away for a job of 20 years.
  • DON’T be another cast-off from a society that wants to eat you up and spit you out. You do have choices in life, MENTOR could be one one them.

I can help you make changes in your life.

After one call Phil sent me an email saying ‘The call, mind-blowing, my brain is bursting with new ideas’

In fact Phil vanished for a few days and then sent me an email. He wrote that he had to leave his house and sit on a beach for a whole day as what we spoke about made such a massive shift in his thinking! Phil is one of my incredible MENTOR students.

So here are your marketing tips.

  • Yes they need action.
  • Yes they need a little thought.
  • Yes they need a little creativity.

TIP 1. How many marketing tools do you use each day? I hear the same old answer and it’s this … we use Facebook and Facebook groups. We use a trade magazine. We use a classified advert.

Hang on though isn’t that just ONE TOOL?

Write a list of 12 ways to market your business. Now write down the best three. Now write down the one you will do in the next 30 minutes.

It’s all about action.

TIP 2.  Get advice from someone that can give you the answers. Why? This is your shortcut to results. So many businesses fail to ask for consulting or advice or mentoring. Why? They rarely see the value of spending a couple of grand for someone to speak because that is what they see. Actually the reality is that you are not paying someone to speak. When mentoring is done properly you will save heaps and increase turnover. You will also be able to do this in 2 months rather than two years.

Why did you ask your father how to do something? To save time right? Why ask a mentor? To save time and money.

Do you think business right now has two years to play around and try things? Not a chance. Now is a time for huge action, short-term investment for massive results. Of course the results are based on what action is taken.

TIP 3. Make time to take action. If you don’t have the time because you need to keep propping up your sinking ship you are using your time badly. Take time because if you don’t, what will happen in your business?

You need tome to make things happen. You need time to create marketing. You need time to write the list but if you think you really cant make the time right now you are as good as dead so go get a job.

This is about growth, survival and thriving in a poor economy. YES lots out there are getting results to die for. That can also be you but YOU and only you have to take action.

I hope these three tips have made you think a little more about your salon?

Hopefully see you on MENTOR one day soon.

Like I say you do have options.

I’d encourage you to make up your own mind.

Alan, Head Punk

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