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If This Chair Could Talk

Tamara Forrest-Smith

If this chair could speak…

See that chair? It’s 26-years old.

That chair has seen millions of words written and millions of pounds created.

I’ll tell you how.

I bought that chair in 1991.

I bought 24 of those chairs at the same time for my salon. They were cheap but expensive for me at the time.

It was for my second hair salon. It was an upgrade on my previous chairs as this had a hydraulic lift.

Now in a hair salon, everything you have is yours and very personal – even the chairs.

So this was my chair and no one used it.

In 2003 when I sold my last salon I took that same chair with me.

It was with me during my salons where I turned over £3.5 million.

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It has been with me since I started writing, consulting and advising my clients.

It has been with me during my own transition from hairdresser to consultant and advisor.

I sat on that chair when I created Mark’s sales letter that generated over £7 million in sales.

I sat on that chair when I wrote the car sales letters that generated over £1.2 million in new car sales in just three weeks.

I sat in that chair when I created a strategy that took one business from stuck to sales of over £300,000 every month and a conversion rate of 49.2%

So it’s seen a lot.

I sat on that chair when had children, when I lost my dog meg, when I went through the divorce and when I cried and cried and couldn’t stop crying for weeks after week.

So it’s seen a lot of my life and a lot of me helping create the wealth I get paid so very well for in my clients lives.

It might be a worthless old chair to most but to me it’s priceless.

Alan – the Head Punk

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