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I will show you 10 miracles of salon marketing if you test it!

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Fact: 95 percent of businesses fail within first 5 years.
Greater reason lies within poorly executed marketing, or rather not able to determine which marketing weapon helps you sell your business in your niche. And only a few understands the power of testing. Testing is simple, inexpensive and one of the most powerful tools anyone can use regardless of budget!

Testing simply means understanding which salon marketing combination works for your target audience and which does not, saving you time, money, and energy, easy!

So, below I summarized 10 astonishing, and overlooked benefits of testing:

  1. Testing This marketing strategy over That marketing strategy will help you estimate expenditure, sales forecast, profits, and budgeting.
  2. by understanding and knowing what works, i.e. sells, testing will help you achieve maximum profits in salon.
  3. Testing will help you predict what your customers want to hear from you, which will help them spend money in your shop.
  4. Testing will show you if consumers prefer your competitors service.
  5. During Testing you will determine which beauty product and service consumers want to buy.
  6. Testing will show you which kind of packaging, promotion headline and colour combination is favoured by consumers.
  7. Testing will show you which service/product package will be selling for maximum profit, and which one should be avoided.
  8. Testing will save you money and time, you will know exactly what works and what does not in your market, and once you find winning combination you will know exactly how much it will cost you in marketing to generate x, y, z profits in salon.
  9. Testing will help you define your target niche, men only or women only? funky or classic?
  10. And the bottom line, testing will show you which advertising sells the most.

So go ahead and test this marketing over that marketing and watch what happens, and if you don’t know how to, ask someone who does.
Send us an email, and let’s see how we can help you in salon business!

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