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I Fired Salon Manager, What Happened Next Unbelievable!

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I FIRED THEIR MANAGER … What Happened Next Unbelievable!

When I started working with this salon they told me about their manager and how great she was. So, as usual, I got all the info I needed via reports and more and then got back to my salon mentor client.

They asked what do I think.

I told them they have to let their manager go.

Shocked – obviously, they wanted to know why?

Well, the truth is it is hard to explain but after looking at all the numbers, knowing she had been there over 6-months to my eyes it was very clear there was a huge problem.

The problem was this.

Not only was the salon manager hardly covering her own wages she was doing something far more serious.

Here’s what happens.

If the salon manager underperforms they generally like to make sure the rest of the team are underperforming. If they don’t their now underperformance will and does stand out like a sore thumb.

So they will do things like …

Talk the salon down, create a negative vibe and generally discourage in ways that aren’t that obvious – especially to salon owners.

After a long discussion, we decided to put a stronger system into place.

I knew the reaction would work one of two ways.

The manager would either rise to the challenge or simply drop away.

But there is a much bigger problem than this.

There were other stylists that had potential. These guys were being held back and seriously under performing.

I knew that if the manager rose to the occasion (I knew that would happen) or dropped out these young guys would overperform.

After around 10-weeks finally we fired the manager.

Guess what happened?

The salon takings exploded almost right away because the team was now free from the one in charge who was also holding them back.

Note: one stylist went from £200-300 per week to £1,700 per week in a matter of weeks after the manager had gone and … sustains those numbers!

This salon is now on a certain path to massive exciting growth.

Should your manager be fired?

Here’s a small test:

  • Write down your managers takings over a 3 month period.
    Are they taking 3x their wage?
  • Write down 10 things your manager does every day to build your salon.
    Are they doing ten things?

I hope this gets you thinking.


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