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How To Turn Customer Reviews Into A New Currency For Your Salon Business

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Sombody mentions “customer reviews” and you are probably thinking about the likes, comments and thumbs ups next to your salon’s social page profile. But if you look beyond the salon industry you will probably notice how some of the successful brands are actively bringing this social proof off the web and into the brick-and-mortar shops.

I love how a well-established curated “staff picks” are displayed in many bookshops. As a shop owner you too could adopt this idea and even take it further, cleverly incorporate client ratings into your service and retail sales pitch in an innovative way.

Here’s the real reason why you should bring customer reviews in your salon shop.

Apparently, 93% of respondents to the survey (by Podium) confirmed online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. If you can bring those customer reviews in your shop, it will be easier for you and your staff to upsell your clients another service or recommend a retail product.

Another advantage of bringing online reviews into your shop is a simple conversation starter, a simple… “have you seen this…?” will get the conversation going.

Above I mentioned an example from the bookshops that you could model.
Have a look at a couple of more examples of bringing online reviews into stores, I think you could easily adopt those ideas in your salon shop.

Amazon brick-and-mortar shop. Have you been to their physical shop? I have not, but apparantly they use minimum 4-star reviews from online customer reviews to stock their shops, and reviews are displayed next to a
“digital price tag”. Clever idea.

Tesco adopts a similar approach to their mobile department, proudly displaying customer reviews next to their phones. On one hand, those reviews create instant reassurances, while saving time to potential
customers to search for the reviews themselves.

Like any of those ideas? Here’s how you can bring your salon reviews in-shop.

  1. First things first, make sure you have an online customer reviews in place. Encouraging others to leave the review will help gather the information for you to use in your shop. But don’t just encourage to rate your hair design services, if your clients are using your recommended retail products ask them to leave a review of those products too.
  2. Curate the right kind of reviews to display. Be a little bit more slective what you are going to display, for example, “a great salon” is a good review but somebody going through the details of a specialist hair treatment experience and why they are recommending the service etc is even better as it provides more information to other clients.
  3. Make a point to bring online reviews in your salon shop. Many are tech-savvy. To help your clients purchase more from your shop it’s important to provide access to rich product information with social proof. In other words, make the most of your online customer reviews and utilize them twice, online and offline.

Happy customer reviews

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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