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How to set New Years salon goals and actually achieve them

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Your ultimate beauty salon business goals

Some businesses use sophisticated tools and spreadsheets, I personally tend to sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen to scribble some notes for the year ahead.
I tend to do so around December time, just after Christmas but before New Year. It always feels a good time to review, readjust and set new business goals
(or personal goals, since for most salon owners business and personal can be same).

In your beauty salon business, the ultimate goal you have to pursue is to grow and thrive in the ever-growing salon industry packed with new entrants and established competition. In short, you want to outperform at every turn your competitors who are running salons down the road from yours.

The key to achieving your salon business goals is in your ability, as a salon owner, to master the art of salon marketing, pricing, effective team-building, customer service etc … but, most importantly in your ability to create an effective strategy that will help you grow salon business, increase sales, improve productivity.

Having a clear goal is important to see where you are heading, effective marketing will help you drive towards your goal.

So here are some important questions you can ask yourself about your salon business for the New Year.

  • How focused have you been in your beauty salon marketing efforts to grow business?
  • How many ways have you been marketing and advertising your salon business on a consistent bases? And what was the outcome?
  • Which areas in your salon business needs absolute renovation and improvement?
  • How successful has your salon been financially this year and what would be an ideal income next year? Be realistic and specific here, saying you want to double the salon income is not enough. Know your current numbers, than check how 25% increase in customers would impact your business. Details are everything.
  • How clear are you in your marketing decisions? It should be simple, clear and easy to “get it”. You want to grow your salon income by 25%? What are you going to do to achieve those numbers?

Reviewing old year and the performance will help you device a clearer strategy
to achieve your most important business goals in the New Year. So go ahead, grab
a paper and a pen, find a quiet place and start scribbling some notes.

Tamara Machavariani – another punk

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