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How To Sell Tons of Christmas Haircuts

Tamara Forrest-Smith

What One Thing Do ALL of Your salon Customers Do At Christmas?


Did you realize shoppers WILL BE spending over £17 BILLION this year on Christmas gifts in the UK alone and the big spend has already begun?

Will They Be Spending With You? in your salon?

Just look at some of these incredible numbers.

  • The average British person will spend over £359 on gifts
  • Only 57% is spent on the high street
  • 38% online
  • 5% outside the country

Now look at this figure

  • Over 88% of 18-35 year olds buy online
  • Over 59% of over 55 year olds.

The bottom-line right now…

It’s a buyers market and people FIND cash to spend come rain or shine. The question you need to ask right now is how can you tap into that moving income stream and lead them into your salon? Actually it’s a lot easier than you might be thinking and here’s how.

Your buyers, customers, prospects right now are having a conversation with themselves in their minds. It works in two parts.

Part one: “what should I buy John for Christmas?”

Part two: “John wants leather gloves for Christmas, where should I get them?”

So how do you get these guys to spend some of that £17 million with you?

It’s easier than you think yet most businesses do the following.

Sit and wait for buyers

Sit and wait for callers

Sit and wait for orders

Crazy when you think that buyers are begging to buy yet they don’t know YOUR’E SELLING So I have complied the

Ten Commandments of More Sales at Christmas for you.

  • Thou shall have no other focus apart from your customer
  • Thou shall not make graven imagery to get a sale
  • Thou shall not take the good will of a customer in vain
  • Remember your up-sells and specials keep it special
  • Honor thy client, customer and leads
  • Thou shall not kill a buyer when they want to buy
  • Thou shall not commit adulterous sales techniques
  • Thou shall not steal for the sake of a sale
  • Thou shall not tell lies to a customer for the sake of a sale
  • Thou shall not covet a customer’s credit card

And here’s some more…

  • Thou shall not assume they know what you’re selling
  • Thou shall never assume they know your unique selling points
  • Thou shall never take the goodwill of a client in vain
  • Thou shall never assume they know you’re business or product is there
  • Thou shall never assume they will come back to your business again
  • Thou shall never assume you will be the first choice
  • Thou shall never assume your marketing works

Listen to what they are talking about

Pick out the buzzwords that they are using

Use triggers in your promotions

Create offers they cannot refuse

Find out where the conversation is taking place and get in the middle of it

Plan your Salon Marketing

And don’t forget …

This is the season to spend, to buy and to share. You are in a buyers market right now, are you selling your salon haircuts?

Now is the time to get serious about Christmas salon marketing and create a truly magical, revenue generating Christmas in your salon business. Salon Marketing School and Salon Extreme 21 is packed with ideas to help you sell more.

In your service,
Head Punk,
Alan Forrest Smith

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