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How to sell the unsellable in your hair salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

If you have a strong consultation system selling takes care by itself including the sale of retail products, colour, next appointments, new online tutorials, and more.

In times of an unsellable environment, what can you do to start selling unsellable services?

Here are 5 ideas to help create a better sales experience while you are unable to have
close contact with your clients.

1. Online experience – it goes without saying that if you have not had an opportunity to bring your salon website experience to the new age it is time to get serious about improving online shoppers’ experience. It does not mean you have to invest thousands of pounds on a new website, but it does mean thinking through how you can increase your client’s online shopping experience.

Visit your website and pretend you are a client, can you get instant consultation advice? Is it easy for your clients to navigate through products and services? Can they add more items in their bucket through clever checkout upselling opportunities? 

If you can not answer any of those, think about how you can improve such an experience. Remember before you approach any web developer, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve through your own website and be clear about your goals.

2. Improve the consultation process online – one way to do that is by installing a helpful Live Chat. It gives your clients an opportunity to ask questions, find pre-set answers as well as customized answers. If you do it right live chat will increase sales, if you think about it your clients visit your website for a reason if they leave without a purchase or an enquiry it means you have not helped find the answers they seek in the first place, live chat will help you help your clients.

3. Phone consultation – it goes without saying to give clients an opportunity to speak to you, even if they can not visit your shop. There is nothing like a good old fashioned phone conversation to seal the deal. If your clients phone your shop will anyone pick up a phone and speak?

4. Online tutorials and consultations are growing and there is no sign they will slow down. Can you launch a new tutorial or a dedicated one on one consultation service online to help your clients look and feel good, from reshaping eyebrows, to DIY coloring. People will pay money to look good even if it means learning online. 

5. And finally but not least, it’s time to review your client experience training. Consumer attitude has shifted, client loyalty has changed, when was it last time you reviewed your client service experience? If your shop is shut it does not mean you can’t have an online staff meeting to go through new and improved client service training. When the doors reopen you and your team will be ready to wow the clients. 

It’s been an interesting year to say the least, but we can only look into the future and come out stronger. Nothing will happen if we do nothing, this time of change is both challenging and exciting. I hope you’ll challenge both exciting and inspirational.

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Tamara Forrest-Smith

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