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How to Save Your Salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s Alan, The Salon Punk here.

Last December I had a call from a salon owner that had just 4 weeks to survive. By the end of January not only had they experienced their best weeks ever they managed to stabilise and pay off a load of invoices.

When they started SALON MENTOR EXTREME things look desperate. Once we had completed their SALON MENTOR EXTREME the changes were just truly unreal but totally insane.

How can you change your salon?

OK let me start this by saying regardless of where your salon is right now things can change as long as you do certain things.

It doesn’t mean you have to be stuck or in trouble, it could be that you are simply stuck at one point. Either way, I wanted to share this dramatic story with you on salon changes and troubles to incredible salon success.

Here was the problem for the salon above.

Their salon marketing didn’t work despite doing everything on Facebook, Instagram and local advertising – it just wasn’t working.

Staff were in control of the salon and had created a fear for the owner – ‘If I do something they will leave’ and this was a huge problem.

Staff were being overpaid … 90% of turnover in one case.

And there was more. No one had any idea what’s was coming in and what was going out.

But the hairdressing was and is amazing, the skills were the best I’ve seen in the best but 7 months of pushing hard against problems looked like it was about to beat them.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t about salon marketing or simply increasing clients because they were already doing marketing and already getting new clients through the door.

This was a SALON BUSINESS issue.

I am in a position where I have worked with literally hundreds of businesses outside the world of hairdressing. The most successful have something that the unsuccessful don’t have. It is this.

A proven and tested system for business that works. In other words, they did what worked rather than try things and hope it works.

This is a daft story but I will share it with you.

I like baking. When I started baking scones – my favourite – I never got the mix right. They never teased quite right, looked right, rose or looked edible. They were anything but scones. Yet my darling wife had bought me an amazing cookbook for bread and pastries.

She asked me are you sure you are following the recipe?

I had to admit – NO and when she asked why I just said I liked to do it my way and just hope it worked. It didn’t so I went back to the cookbook and then started making perfect scones.

It isn’t that the salon above weren’t doing anything they simply weren’t doing anything that was working.

I changed everything and I mean everything.

The most dramatic bits were …

I advised them to release the staff especially the manager. They did just that and then we used a system I have for replacing and interviewing the perfect staff. That is what we did. Once the staff were in place we also had to make sure the system for running a real business was in place.

The numbers, the goals, the marketing, the message to the marketplace. Staff then had to be managed properly, this included goals, targets and daily – I SAID DAILY – one on ones to increase the daily income. I even set individual target goals for every morning and every afternoon for each member of the team.

I demanded they take focus from retail for this period and put the focus on averages, specialist services and service itself. We used the internal database to build the salon and created a support system to bring in new clients. This first four week was all about focus and energy. It was about the attracting and creating of a powerful energy that would ignite a fire that would make the owners fall in love with their business again. They did and that energy was passed on to the new staff.

After the goals were in place with the new staff they had things they had to do daily and they did it or there would be a problem.

I did say this is extreme.

Now the marketing side of things.

For me, why spend hours on a phone or behind a screen when there are a ton of people walking past the salon of every minute of every day? So we went old school, printed literally boxes upon boxes of flyers and handed them out for week after week. Heres the thing, they already had flyers but their flyers didn’t say the right thing, they weren’t up to date and didn’t give anyone a reason to visit the salon. The flyers we did got everyone from behind the screen and force them to take actions.

There was more a whole lot more and it was damned hard work for the salon but look at this.

They called me in December to tell me they had just 4-weeks to survive. By the end of January not only were they thriving they were having record week after week after week with their new team. Today they have a premium salon that is thriving beyond anything I can write here.

Incredible, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and just an INSANE result for those guys at SAGE HAIR Wickham.

This was of course on SALON MENTOR EXTREME .

But despite the amazing results all year with different salons at different levels next year I am switching things up.

The past few months we tested some even more powerful ways to get your salon busier. Although we’ve done incredibly well with our salons I knew there was more that could be missing. So I decided to test something that I had been using with other business and the results have been phenomenal. This means that not just the results are amazing but the system for results are pretty straightforward but powerful.

I have found seven core tools, that all of my new mentor guys will be putting into place right away. I have also created a blueprint that although isn’t fixed it’s the perfect way to stay on track. And there is more … like the initial face-to-face breakthrough sessions that take place before we get started on your salon.

For me, it’s always an incredible thing to see something that was about to die and fade into oblivion be saved and brought back to life.

Salon business isn’t really that tough but it can be and will be if you aren’t doing things right.

When you do things right I want you to know you can switch on and off your new client switch when you want. You can have the most perfect staff that will never leave. You can create something so magical that your salon will just sail through and keep on going regardless of what comes in front of it.

But don’t be fooled… Having a successful salon is and can be really hard work but don’t forget there are two types of hard work.

One is the hard work you hate, that is the type of hard works that SALON MENTOR EXTREME gets rid of and then there is the second kind of hard work that you as a salon owner will love when you see the changes taking place so quickly you’ll be tired but loving the results.

Heres a reminder of some results from this year below for you.

Finally …

I am excited, fired up and cannot wait to help you break out from where you’re stuck from with your salon. These are exciting times and with BREXIT and all the other global chaos there has never been a greater time to get your salon fit and pushing through everything so you have a business for life.

I am ready to show you the way will you join me?

There will be just a tiny handful of places for SALON MENTOR EXTREME in 2019. You can reserve your place right now with a 25% down payment right now and be assured that this will be the most exciting SALON MENTOR EXTREME I will be putting out at the start of 2019.

It’s tough but worth every ounce of sweat once you see those results pouring in.

Are you ready to start making real changes in your salon?

Don’t forget Christmas busy period will pass so don’t wait until you are slow again to get started. This is the time right now when you need to move on your salon to prepare for the new year.

Any questions just hit reply or contact me below.

The Salon Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

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