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How to run a successful salon advertising for 12 years

Tamara Forrest-Smith

See this hair salon advertising in the picture?

I came across to this old salon ad as I was going through some old photographs from the Salon Punk pictures.

It ran in Alan’s hair salon from 1991 till 2003… the only reason it was discontinued was because the salons were sold as we moved into other businesses.

Why did this hairdressing ad run for little over 12 years?

Because it kept pulling new clients like crazy.

Here are 4 quick tips that every successful hair salon should include.

1. Headline in the salon advert is the most important part of a successful ad – because it can pull clients into reading your ad

2. Sub-headlines – you need them to explain additional benefits of your hair salon

3. Body copy – your chance to go into more details and explain why your salon should be the only choice in the town!

4. Call to action – closing part is where you tell what you want clients to do… example, call to make an appointment; visit website; visit our shop etc.

The Salon Punk Book


Creating a salon promotion is more than a piece of flyer. It should be part of your valuable investment and a trusted salon marketing tool that pulls clients in day in and day out.

You will find tons of easy to follow salon marketing ideas and proven salon advertising samples that you can easily copy and run into your salon.

Start pulling new clients in day in and day out

We delivery worldwide in print.

Happy client attraction

Tamara from Salon Punk


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