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How to promote your salon services using email and get busy

Tamara Forrest-Smith

In today’s highly commercialized digital world you’d be forgiven to assume that your clients don’t care about getting another email from your salon, but, based on the official stats your clients still love receiving emails and you should use it as part of your salon promotions on a regular basis.

From your point of view, if you want to sell empty appointments it makes so much sense to use email to promote your services (email is not the same as posting an offer on Facebook).

Here are 5 quick tips on successful email marketing.

  1. Plan your email campaign. Don’t just send a random email, instead make them part of your salon promotions strategy.
  2. Personalize your offers, learn to speak your clients language, don’t assume clients know what Balayage is… instead sell the solution to their hair problems.
  3. Automate your efforts.

You can automate pretty much most of your email, cinluding

  • A welcome email;
  • Post service follow-up emails;
  • Client feedback emails;
  • Hair appointment reminder emails, clients need to be reminded the hair grows and it’s time to book the appointment;
  • Happy birthday emails

There is a dedicated chapter in Salon Extreme 21 “Why clients still love emails and how to run them”.

  1. Test your email offers

You should test email headline offers;
Time of the week or a day when the offers are sent out;
Test various offers

2. Track and measure the results and tweak as required until you see the results you are happy with.

3. Make salon email promotions part of your salon marketing and watch what happens.

Happy emailing

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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