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How to fill salon columns from your salon website

Tamara Forrest-Smith

“Thank you for showing me how to market my salon website, now I get bookings even when I sleep”, Grace, a salon owner from Birmingham, UK.

When Grace closes hair salon doors in the evening, she still gets the bookings overnight. But it was not always like that.

When Grace first contacted us, her salon website looked… well just like most other salon websites, a bit boring to look at, but also it was not really designed to take bookings online, or to get salon clients.

Before I tell you how we helped Grace take automatic bookings, (while she slept), let me share what went wrong in the first place and what most salons get wrong (your salon website might be having the same issue).

We identified at least 3 points where Grace’s salon website failed to attract new customers.

1. The landing page had no clear message what the salon was about. Grace was specializing in the Afro Hair, but she was trying to please all type of hair customers, confusing and unclear message meant she was turning customers away.

We redesigned her website look and feel, changed the salon slogan and made it clear for the visitors what the salon was about – THE salon to go to if Afro Hair care was what they needed.

2. There was NO option for people to make a clear enquiry and/or booking except a small hidden away “contact me” email address.

We added a clearly visible “call to action” form on the salon web pages; We also added a clear sales headline to encourage enquiries and made it very easy for the website visitors to book the hair appointments.

Now when Grace closes hair salon doors in the evening, she still gets the bookings overnight.

3. Old salon website was boring, it’s amazing how many salons forget they are in the beauty business, visual effects will always matter. We maintained the colours Grace wanted to keep for her salon look and feel, black and red, but we upgraded the website with new design, images that sell and made the entire look and feel visually appealing.

The result? More bookings, more enquiries, more happy customers and of course more sale and cash in bank to Grace.

How about yours?

Go back and look at your salon website.

When was it last time you took a look? What do you think it say about your salon brand? How easy is it for customers to book appointments and make enquireis?

It always pays you money to remain on top of the game. Reviewing salon business is as important as cutting hair and managing stylists.

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Team Salon Punk

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