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How to deal with salon reps!

Tamara Forrest-Smith

From the archives of the original Salon Punk – Hairee

It’s time for the hairdresser to strike back!

Trusting The Potato Chip Rep Can Destroy Your Salon … PERIOD!

Tony walked into our salon. He was a Rep. I kind of knew that though as he had that smell of cigarettes and subway sandwiches from cruising in his car all day looking for his next victim.

He walked in and asked for me. I was free so I went over and talked with him.

After 20 minutes it turned out he used to sell potato chips for a living. Had no experience in hairdressing at all. He had product training. He had corporate training. He knew that shampoo had 23 ingredients not tested on animals. He also knew his NEW Co. was established in the year of his grandmothers birth. He knew lots.

However …

He knew nothing about the crazy world of hairdressing.

He had been sent to me to sell me some training for my hairdressing salon! He was going to build my salon business into a profit monster. Now that was a joke right?

QUESTION: can you trust an ex-potato chip salesperson to build your salon business?

5 Essential Things You Must Know About Slime-Ball Reps

1. TRUST: on the first contact do not trust them. Trust has to be built. They have to earn it. Make them slog it out for it. Give them nothing until they prove themselves to you.

2. SIGN NOW: do not sign up ANY training or offer them early on. They want your cash. They want their stuff on your shelves. They want to keep their jobs at a cost of loading you up.

3. OFFER ENDS THIS FRIDAY: tell them to get lost. They’ll tell everyone and anyone that the offer ends on Friday. This is a technique to push you into an urgent snap decision.

4. APPOINTMENTS: if a rep walks in wanting to talk with you throw them out unless they have an appointment. Some will even make an appointment without asking you. NEVER deal with these ones. They’ll do you no favors. If they make an appointment without your permission … BILL THEM FOR YOUR TIME! Or bill their Co.!

5. KNOW NOTHING: remember most know zero about our mad, mental world of salon business. They are there to sell a product. They will go all out for the sale. Buy if they deliver. If they don’t kick them out of your salon.

In my expereince, most reps are a waste of time. However, I have had one or two that were amazing.

Rob Mc Holl from Power Wizards UK … if you are reading my friend you are amazing!

NOTE: interview ALL REPS before doing business with them. No interview — NO DEALS!



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