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How to convince your stylists to use expensive hair product and charge higher price for the services

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I’m just back from spending a day over at with James and Izaak and team.


Yesterday I had forgotten what it is like to drive somewhere. Yes, of course, I have a car but a couple of years ago I decided to reduce my car usage and increase my train and plane usage.

Anyway, and I got up at 5:45 am (i didn’t know that time existed) and drove over to the wonderful city of Leeds to finally meet one of my SALON MENTOR EXTREME guys at

Brilliant salon, amazing team and really doing some great stuff in the hands of Izaak and James.

After a 3 plus hour drive (it should have been 45-mins) we arrived and got started.

See photos …

But here is one thing I wanted to share as it arrived a good reminder yesterday.

When a client comes to your salon he or she isn’t driven by price – they are driven by the need to look and feel amazing. Yes, the price is a concern but not the driving factor.

The number one factor in a client using your salon is the final result.

The look, the feel, the outcome, the huge changes from the internal feeling of coming back to life, looking cool, feeling sexy or whatever the feeling they have.

It’s an emotional thing – not a financial thing.

If you feel that your clients are driven purely by the price I can tell you this from my decades in business you need to review your business.

Constant cheap prices, discounts, lowering, offers eventually destroy a salon.

Think about it.

This year our home rates rose by over 5% yet did you increase your salon prices by over 5%?

You should

So just once more… quality hairdressing and services and rarely PRICE driven.

See the photos from working with the guys here on our facebook.

Also, I wanted to give you an update on SALON MENTOR EXTREME but its been so insanely busy I thought I would give you a list of what I have been mad busy working on with salons. This list is partial.

EXTREME MENTOR is designed to do one thing and one thing only – deliver EXTREME results.

Read the following and you decide.

  • Salon Clients Up: 85.2%
  • New Clients Up: 2033.3%
  • Salon Averages Up: 586.3%
  • Clients Having Colour Up: 700%
  • Turnover Up: 177.2%
  • Team Fixed
  • Staffing Solved
  • Stylists Found:
  • Company Issues Fixed:
  • Price Structured Fixed:
  • Creating Advertising That Actually Attracts Clients
  • Creating New Irresistible Offers
  • Installing New Specialists High Demand, High Priced Hairdressing services
  • Fixing price structures
  • Done – Transitioning Graduates By 12-Months Safely
  • Done – Redesigning Interviewing For New Stylists
  • Done – Building New Teams From Ground-Up
  • SAVED: Turning Around a Salon in 23-Days
  • Salon Management Structures In Place
  • Total Rebranding of Salon Perception, Look and Feel
  • Fixed: New Systems For Marketing
  • Fixed: Proven Ways To Build Columns Before Stylist Start
  • Fixed: Proven Ways To Create a Happy Team Installed
  • Fixed: The Perfect Ways to Keep Stylists
  • Fixed: Proven and Tested Ways To Set Your team On-Fire
  • In Progress: Giving A Tired Salon a Facelift
  • Understanding What a Client thinks
  • Understanding What a Hairdresser Thinks
  • Fixed: Overcoming Price Obstacles
  • Fixed: How To Safely Increase Prices
  • Fixed: How to Pay staff the Right Amount
  • Fixed: How To structure Commissions
  • Fixed: How To Sell Tons Of Olaplex
  • Fixed: How To send Balayage Sales Through The Roof
  • Fixed: How to Create Perfect Offers Without Being a Discount Salon
  • Done: The Best Way To Use Email
  • Done: The Best Way To Use SMS for marketing
  • Fixed: The Perfect Consultation!
  • Done: Why Clients Want To Spend In Your Salon

AND THE RESULTS have been pretty astonishing to say the least.

“Here’s How We Went from 3 to 64 New Salon Clients a Week!”


  • NEW SALON: Phone literally blown off the hook – first two weeks packed to the limit.
  • NEW STYLISTS: Booked up before they arrive, booked up after they arrive
  • NEW STYLIST TAKINGS: Over £2000 per week in one case
  • SALON AVERAGES: As high as £152, in most cases more than double
  • SERVICES UP: One service has increase 5,234.6% where other services have increased by massive amounts
  • NEW CLIENTS 2033.3% increase
  • AVE SPEND: 586.3% increase
  • OLAPLEX SALES: 2200% increase
  • BALAYAGE AND COLOUR: 700% increase

Want to discover more? Visit Salon Mentor Extreme Page for more information and einquiries.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Yours in hair

Alan Forrest Smith

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