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How to build the ultimate salon marketing calendar in 5 easy steps

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Why salon marketing? How would you like a constant stream of new salon customers every day, all day? Even on a Tuesday?

Are you worried of the ups and downs in the customer appointments and quiet phone call days?

How would you love to generate twice as much income this coming Saturday than you did for the entire month?

Obviously, the answer is yes to any salon owner like yourself, but the problem is who has that much time to do so much salon marketing and most importantly how to do it?

One effective way to solve the problem is to have a system that works like a
clock, having a salon marketing calendar and knowing exactly WHAT to send out and WHEN will help you win more than half the battle. You can even become a salon marketing superstar.

Below are 5 effective, proven and tested strategies to help you schedule into your busy salon life.

1. The first week of each month send out print salon oversized flyer promotion that is tied to a holiday or a special celebration event, such as summer solstice, local charity run events, mothers day salon promotions etc

Why oversized? Imagine the curiosity of getting a large letter card in a post, you want people to read your promotion, so the key is to keep customers curious, as well as grab their attention.

2. Send out a postcard second week of every month.

Use this promotion to tie into the salon offers and remind about the offer of the month deadline.

3. Print salon newsletter strategy. Send it every 3rd week of the month.

Don’t have a print newsletter? It’s not that hard to create one. Once you have the system in place producing the newsletter should become an automatic second nature. It does not have to be a glossy magazine, a small traditional 4 pages of A4 paper will do just as great job. Imagine having your own salon newsletter delivered to your customers with all exciting offers, news and anything to do with hairstyle and hair products? It certainly will set your salon brand apart from others in the town.

4. Send an Email newsletter update once a month. Use this opportunity to keep it informative, fun, full of cool hair tips and ideas and of course offers.
And don’t forget to include a clear call to action and the deadlines for any

5. Stand-alone Direct Marketing offers.

This should be specific offer you send out as a stand alone offer, and should be targeted to either a separate segment or different. For example, specific promotion to get back missing missing clients. Use Alan’s step by step guide how to create a series of direct mail promotions, salon templates and tested and proven systems of getting salon clients.

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Yours in salon

Tamara Machavariani from

Salon Punk

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