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How to adapt to the success of your hair business

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Counterintuitive as it may sound your own salon business success can ruin your business. Now that you are more successful you might be dealing with bigger teams, or perhaps you have a new partner that does not always share your vision of what the next 5-10 or 20 years might look like.

For example, when success arrives, the tempo of your business will inevitably change. You may need to innovate under the pressure of your growing team or salon partners, but that may not be what you want or rather what your business might need. Your old team members may resist the changes and some clients may also find your growing success not always welcoming (true).

You may also take notice of the salon competition you did not notice before, because now that you are successful competitors want to copy you or steal your staff you worked so hard to train.

Making new decisions might also entail taking bigger risks, for example, firing and hiring on the spot may have a bigger impact on the entire team and business.

Having a basic data-driven mindset, even in the chaotic nature of the creative business, is important.

Not missing a point of what your salon business is about is also essential. Who are your clients and how bigger problems are you solving for them?

Are your clients just people looking for a hair cut or do you have a group of clients needing to solve bigger challenges, for example, in the hair industry, are you training the next generation of creatives and therefore transforming the lives of many through your successful business?

Or is it time to stand up for something differently meaningful that transforms (and creates a conversation about your business in a positive way) the entire community or your city?

One of the things we believe is to have a good team. People who have diverse experiences making these types of decisions and leverage the skills and expertise to add value to your business.

You might be thinking you are just cutting hair for the clients, but your success deserves better, it opens the doors to new evolutions.

Go further without losing touch of your core business values and visions.

Success (however way you measure it) is always earned, I hope the decisions you make today will bring you a greater success that your business deserves.

I hope this helps.

To speak to Alan and to see how you can pick up his 34 years of industry experience brains hit reply to this email or WhatsApp/Text/Call on 07793069486.

Tamara Forrest-Smith from Salon Punk

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