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How this salon marketing tip brings you new clients

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s not a novelty, When done properly, salon advertising can bring you tons of new clients. But if you add this little trick you can avoid unnecessary expenses, whilst maximizing your profits through salon ads. 

Next time you run an ad in salon magazine, or local newspaper, Apply Key Code. 

Key codes are used in print media. Suppose you are running your salon ad in 2 newspapers, each ad has slightly different message and promotion. In order to track which ad is bringing you more clients simply add a code and ask your prospective clients to quote it when they get in touch.

For example, salon owner next door runs 2 ads, one of them is coded SB-1, the other one SB-2. The advertisement also asks prospects to quote the code in order to receive introductory offer. That way the salon owner knows which newspaper ad brings more clients in, which means he can keep the winning ad, and stop running…and spending cash on the promotion that is not profitable. 

Lucky salon owner, he can do both, save money and bring new clients in:) That is why TESTING is so important. Unless you tested different promotions, and tracked its effectiveness you really can’t know what you are missing out, or what you are overpaying for. 

Now your turn, give it a try and see what happens.

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PS. If you need help designing promotions, check out our previous posts for salon advertising samples, or CLICK HERE to access updated, full version of Column Builder, which contains all promotional materials you will need to advertise your salon business.

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