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How this salon broke a 10 year old plateau

Tamara Forrest-Smith

From £5,500 to £9,000

Easter time is traditionally slower for most salons. It was traditionally slow even for this salon.

We changed everything. The result has been amazing.

So …

How do you go from £5,500 to pulling in £9,000 (both number rounded up) the weekly amount in a space of just 10-weeks?

This was a case of putting into place what works. The SALON EXTREME METHOD. So that is what we did.

The first thing I did was to help rebuild the team in WEEKS not years. This is easy when you know how. We did exactly this and the new team are amazing.

The next step was to restructure the salon prices – not by £1 or less but by huge jumps in certain cases. They didn’t want to and were very nervous to do this but I know exactly what will work so this was what was done. (trust is very important during salon mentor extreme)

Once this was in place other adjustments that I will tell you again were also put into place by following my extreme method.

In a week or two, the turnover rose for the first time in years despite losing older established staff.

Just 10-weeks into their transformation not only have we created a huge shakeup we’ve also created new income, new systems, new teams and honestly these guys have totally transformed their approach to their salon business.

So despite all the surrounding salons being slow, they have not only been packed but they are still hitting record week after week.

When you have gone from £5,500 and now hit £9,000something magical happens and it is this.

Anything less than £9,000 is no longer acceptable. The new number is the new normal. Cool right.

We are now aiming to hit £10,000 over the next few weeks but I want to push these guys to £15,000 and then up to £20,000 before the year ends.

That’s the undeniable power Salon Mentor Extreme!

I know some of the numbers we get in this industry read outrageous but are all verifiable and recorded.

So if you need change, you want more (On salon owners is eyeing up a new Sports Jaguar) and you aren’t willing to sit and wait for results this is for you.

  • Staffing issues fixed in under 2-weeks
  • Turnover doubled in under 14-days
  • Quiet weeks now busier than the best weeks
  • Energy and atmosphere like never before
  • 24-hour support
  • 24-hour access to myself
  • and tons more…

SALON MENTOR EXTREME has been designed to be the most full-on program any salon will every experience, with every fix for every issue.

Join us here…


Extreme Salon Transformation Expert

Alan Forrest Smith

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