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How texting good morning keeps your salon column full

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Ask a person these days what they could not live without, in fact 9 times out of 10 people would say their mobile phone. This truth came to light when 02’s service was down in the UK a day or 2 ago, it seemed like the world had ended according to the distress. A society so dependant on technology. Its scary but this is were the potential lies too.

Most people wont leave their house without their mobile phone, but what does that mean for you as a salon owner? Well just think about the number of text messages people send and receive daily, your estimate would probably be of point. It is though that the number exceeds way beyond the worlds population. PLUS in contrast to other social network platforms. Where a staggering 71% of tweets get ignored, compared to an impressive 98% of all text messages that get read.  Obviously text message marketing has a more effective reach, so if your salon is not getting involved with it please give me some insight as to why?

Just think about the possibilities of sharing your salons happenings with an interested, smaller, selective audience by text message marketing? All you need is your clients mobile number, and when the availability for a booking arrives send them a text message with the details. You could even send them information though the week on discounts and your shops occasional offers.

How is that possible? Let me show you.

Increasing salon visits …and profits per year with text messaging

Send a text message to your salon customers that are due to come in but see if you can get them in a week earlier than usual, by trying this you increase the amount of visits they have in your salon per year.

We have all experienced that last minute need for our hair to be done, the begging and the trying to be squeezed in. A result of our busy hectic life. Help your customers out and try follow up texts weekly allowing you to manage your time better and keep your customers away from disappointment.

Decrease those annoying no shows!

As a salon owner you face daily challenges like how to decrease cancellations. These types of struggles happen daily and they confine you within a limited range of action when their ugly head rises. Suddenly your left with an open appointment space. your day starts out with a booked schedule, but all of a sudden clients start cancelling left and right. Use your phone to text message your clients offering them special deals. You will not only get a potential booking, but its likely that your message could get forward to the clients friends and family so make sure it has value. You never no they might call and book in with you too.

Increase salon retail income 

And but not least, use text message marketing to increase your salon business by sending a text to your client about specials you are running or new products that have came into your shop. People love being involved and get excited by new specials on their favourite products or new items that have hit town! It could be 15% off on a particular day or off certain products.

Does this help you? If you have tried this and its been successful share with us in the comments thank you.

Maria Claudia Bennett
Salon Punk Contributing Writer

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