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Tamara Forrest-Smith

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How Smartphones Win For Clients And Why It Matters In Salon Marketing Inner imangeMobile advertising and tablets has played a significant role in driving online sales over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, according to the research  conducted by Mobile Commerce Daily, whilst smartphones proved to be invaluable retail store shopping weapon for retailers.
What does it mean for salons and their owners? Mobile salon advertising has been particularly valuable for professions such as mobile hairdressers, small and large salon owners to use as a tool to keep in touch with customers, share the news, promotion or simply as a means of appointment reminder, and here’s the twist, unlike email and other forms of online advertising, mobile advertising work better at getting the message across in front of targeted customers, and/or prospects because of a simple nature and purpose of text messages – it gets read.

Sounds obvious, does not it? yet astonishingly only a small fraction of hairdressers and salon businesses use mobile advertising as a valuable means of increasing revenue, and decreasing annoying no-show ups and cancellations.

You can read in the Salon Receptionist report astonishingly how average salon leaves $900 on the table every week due to no show ups, and how to avoid them, the report is Free of charge with Salon Marketing School.    

Of course with tablets and smartphones, mobile advertising these days is more than text-marketing, it now means that your customers, or perspective customers are searching your salon online using their smartphone devises, which means 2 things, one: if you are not online, i.e. don’t have salon website, your customers can’t find you, and if two: if you do have a website, but it is not optimised for mobile users, you will be losing as many as 50% of perspective customers.

Solution? salon owners, or mobile hairdressers need to make sure that their beauty salon web sites are mobile friendly, and it is as easy as possible for shoppers to book an appointment, make a call or shop for hair products, whilst they are in line or browsing through multiple sites comparing different salon web sites for better prices and services.

All above concludes that although Thanksgiving has passed, and you did what you did to attract more customers and sell more products and hair appointments, there is Christmas of course coming, and New Year celebrations, so you still have time to start using mobile advertising with targeting salon advertising and salon promotions.

With Salon Marketing School you get tons of free salon advertising examples that are proven to pack salons and maximize profits this holiday season.

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