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How one salon owner transformed salon management and salon income in just 8 weeks

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I wanted to share with you the inspiring salon success story from Salon Mentor Extreme mentees Steph and Richard, in their own words…

“So last month Steph and I were buzzing re us beating December total well now February has been and gone of which is notoriously even worse than January with even less days in we beat January if that in one sentence doesn’t get you excited nothing will !!!

Yes, its been a hard slog but worth every penny !!!

Yes, we lost staff but only the ones that needed to go and where the staff room terrorists !!!

I now have a great team of hard working reward driven staff who love their job and reaping the rewards of a great salon environment !!!

Alan has been an extreme mentor but I think we’ve been an extreme salon calling texting emailing him day in day out sometimes without exaggerating 40 times a day poor guy but hey that’s what we pay for !!! but in return, we are getting the results big time !!!

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So now Alan you know my end of year goal £500000 !!! I have every confidence in our selves in our small but ever expanding team and you that we will reach this. This is from a salon that at the start of our journey with Alan we were taking £2200 per week and in just 8 weeks we look at £5000 as an average week the numbers speak for themselves.

It’s not easy, actually its hard work to start with but it works big time and gets easier as your confidence gets better your staff trust you more and the results just keep coming. We are a small salon in a small village with not that much around us but now people will travel to come in and experience the Sage way and it makes us feel great and extremely proud of what we have achieved. There is no way we could have done this without us hounding Alan 24/7 and the guy is always there to help to give advice even if you think you knew the answer its always good to have his experience and knowledge of business and the industry.

If you have any questions regarding Salon Mentoring please give myself (Richard) or Steph a call at the salon Sage Hair Design Wickham Hampshire.


P.S. Last night we received another update, their new stylist will hit his first £2k a week and the junior graduate stylist is on target for the weekly £1.5k, extreme or not?

Ready for extreme results? Salon Mentor Extreme is not for everyone but it could be for you if you are up for extreme work and extreme results, check out the details here and email or call the office to discuss further.

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