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How much hair can you talk about to a non-hair stylist?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Whilst conversations about hair is reserved for hair stylists, the less enthused tend to nod and smile, or zone out, when hair and last nights booze becomes “filling the gap” conversation between hair cut and colour. So for those who can only care about own hair style for the day, and just about tolerate a stylists “what are you up to tonight” conversation, at what point does talking about hair becomes boring, or even rude?

According to etiquette experts (yes, there is such a profession!), salon customers can not stand the assumption hair stylists make about how much non-stylists understand, or even care, about the hair.

“It can be really rude. People don’t tend to take the time to explain or inquire about whether they are interested before they talk about it”, says Simon Fanshawe.

Apart from coming across rude and boring, there is a danger of talking customers out from your salon. I remember how I kept changing hair stylists for the solo reason – to avoid empty talk until finally found the salon that understood the balance between talk and customer needs.

Fortunately it is a relatively easy to keep the balance between being polite and needless chit chat without hiring an etiquette expert. Being mindful of your customers base often all is needed. Keep conversations polite, professional and to the point. Demonstrating your expertise where it matter the most, customers hair, will instantly establish you as a trusted expert in your field, and if you really find things are getting a bit … boring with unusually quiet silence in between, turn on the radio, funky music background is an easy solution to help you fill those awkward gaps.

Send us your thoughts on how much hair and last nights outing it is polite to talk about to a non-stylists in salon. A selection will be published.

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