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How Making These Adjustments Can Generate Extra £115,871 Every Year in Your Salon (or Real Cost of Not Marketing)

Tamara Forrest-Smith

This is a story of The Real Cost of Not Marketing Your Salon!

We had a call from a salon owner the other day inquiring about salon marketing. When I asked what he does to get clients at the moment, she replied the salon has been relying on existing clients and a few walk-ins for sale. She then went on to explain that they still don’t have a salon website or do much on social media, in fact, she admitted very frankly they don’t do any salon marketing at all.

And the usual thing that she is the stylist/owner that works really hard to pay for everything while her 4 other staff are only half busy.

It’s a story too familiar and we hear more often than we’d like to, because if your salon is thriving not only it is great for you, but it helps everybody.

Anyways, here are the real problems that actually cost you money if you do not market your salon:

  • Your salon clients naturally drop by at leats 11% every year. That is if you have 500 clients, every year you’d be losing around 55 of them! If your average bill is… £45, that means you’d be taking a £2,475 cut every year, and if you did nothing about it, in 3 years time you’d be £7,425 worth off!

Even more

  • In today’s digitally connected world if your client’s do not see what you are up to through various platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc not only they forget about your salon, they will go to your competitors.

Active salon marketing has some surprising numbers that can not be ignored… For every 100 new visitors to your salon’s social media profile, salon website you should be acquiring one new paying client. That means if every month you get 1000 new visitors you should be 10 new clients better off. Taking numbers from above, if your average bill is £45, that is £450 more money in the till in a month – Over 12 months that is £5400 better off! In other words, if you do not get new clients you are missing off another £5400 every year!

When was the last time you checked how many people visited your salon website?

  • What about marketing to existing clients? upsells? Missing clients and retail sales? If you don’t market, slowly the numbers will start to fall back. For example, did you know that over 65% of your missing clients will come back to you?

So, if you have every year 55 clients that gone missing (assuming usual 11% of a drop-out rate) and you have not chased missed clients for the past 3 years that is 165 missing clients. If you recover at a proven to be able to recover rate of 65% – that is 107clients or £4,826 extra cash in the till!

Same goes for the missed opportunity of increasing the frequency of visits and upsells in between! If you have a client that visits your salon 6x a year, can you increase by just 8 times a year? Just 2 extra visit! That does not sound like a lot, but it is an extra £90 per client every year. If you increased the frequency of just 10% of your salon clients, assuming you have 500 clients, that is 50 more visits a year, or extra £45*50 = £2,250!

  • If you do not manage staff and the reception how can you measure the cost of canceled appointments?

Time is one thing you can no resell! So if you have stylists that are happy to cancel or book empty clients (that happens right?) every day and twice a day, that is £90 of missed sales every day (again, assuming average bill is £45)!
That’s a massive £540 a week, and a mega-massive £2,160 a month! or £25,920 of missed sales every year!

  • What about running an ad? Whether you choose to run in the magazine or on social media, running ads cost money but they bring money. One salon ad Alan was running in his salons every week in the paper brought estimated £75,000 every year, yet it only cost £50 a week, or just £2400 to run every year!

Finally, let’s sum up your missed cash – taking all above, it’s a massive £115,871 of missed revenue just because you did not take the time to review and do some proven salon marketing!

A lot of cash to miss for any salon, whether you have 1, 10 or 100 staffed salons!

Not a good plan!

The good new. You can market your salon and not only recover and generate £115,871 every year, but increase that number.

Pack Our Your Salon

Visit Salon Extreme 21

  • Salon marketing has only one goal – pack out your salon, every day, every week and every month!
  • Salon marketing is here to help you create easy to follow systems of attracting new clients,
    retaining and upselling old clients, deepening loyalty and promoting your craft within your
    town, village, city, community – more money to you!
  • Salon marketing is also here to help you recover missing clients
  • Help you come off shop floor
  • Help you MANAGE STAFF, so you get the best out of them
  • Salon marketing should give you a clear map to hit your goals, whatever they are!

Every now and then you should stop, re-thing, plan and recharge your business batteries so you
get more out of your business.

Everything we can share about marketing your salon is in Salon Extreme 21

Do not miss £115,871 every year, start marketing your salon today.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith and Team

Salon Punk

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