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How I spent over £7200 on “Free” sample and why I was glad I did

Tamara Forrest-Smith

For as far as I remember I’ve been buying health magazines, it was around 2004 I saw a free sample offer to try one of then Holmes Clubs in London, now Virgin Active. I was a student so free was great. After the trial weekend I did not sign up for the gym membership, because as I said I was a student, but I never forgot the customer service, the infinity pool, the views over London as I sweat run on the treadmill, and the general feeling of cool… After one year, when I graduated from the University and got my “proper” job, the first thing I did before I even received my first pay cheque, signed up for the Holmes club membership.

It was not cheap, in fact, I went for the most expensive package, £120 a month, which meant I was spending £1,440 a year trying to look good, that’s not all, I stayed with the club for almost 5 years, that is an amazing £7200 of hard-earned cash trying to stay fit…But it all started with a FREE SAMPLE.

If you’ve been following Alan’s emails, you’ll know that Free clients will spend, but ONLY if you know how to.

There is no such thing as free (after all, why would anyone spend money advertising a free offer in the national magazine?), but you can offer a free sample haircut, which means Free clients will spend money!

Do you already have Salon Sampler? Order your copy here and discover how you can too charge £7k for a free haircut (true).

Warning: Salon Sampler is a slim book but do not underestimate it’s power to pack your salon with new clients. Order Here or via Amazon.

I hope this helps

Have a great day
Tamara and baby Punk Demna

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