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How government sponsors apprenticeship for hairdressers

Tamara Forrest-Smith

In 2012 the UK government introduced a new salon apprenticeship program, supporting both, employees and young apprentices. Amongst qualifying industry hairdressing, and beauty industry is on top of the list (good news for hairdressers:)).

What does it mean to you?

If you are a beauty and salon owner, including barbershop owner, the government will offer you a salon grant of £1500 when you hire a young apprentice between the ages of 16-24. The process is fairly straightforward and if you need to know the details the best place to visit is the official government Apprenticeship website

We have however investigated for you the details how it all works and discovered at least 3 main issues that every salon owner, wishing to take on a new apprentice, must consider before signing up for the deal.

1. 12 Months contract

Be aware of the 12 months contract. You will be paid grant on the basis that you will train a salon apprentice for the full 12months, and you will be fully paid after successful completion of 12 months contract (50% of the hair and beauty salon grant is given at the start of the program and the rest after month 12). That simply means, no quitting, no firing, and lots of patience during the mentorship period.

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2. Do you have time to train?

Do you actually have time to train a salon junior to do the job to justify taking out any other member of your staff’s time? Review your current business situation, think carefully how you could benefit from a young, inexperienced trainee, who will be in charge of training, despite government grant, you will still have to pay national minimum set for apprenticeship, which is currently £2.60an hour, and you must employ for over 30hours a week, so no part-timers there; and ultimately how will it affect your salon’s bottom line?

3. Does your business need a trainee or an external salon expert?

The idea of getting a “cheap labour” and grant might sound appealing, but who do you really need? an experienced stylist or a salon trainee? If you get this wrong cheap labour will cost you money, whilst highly paid staff can double your takings in no time!

Other then that sounds like a good deal and I hope this helps 🙂

Stay funky

Tamara Machavariani for Salon Punk

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