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How do you know if you are losing Clients?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

A superb tried and tested system to cure your salon problems


Is it killing your salon business? What is attrition?

Well simply put it is this….

It is where you lose clients every year due to circumstances other than natural waste.

Or put even simpler it is where clients don’t return for reasons such as unhappy with service, the price or just that they cannot afford you this visit.

Let’ss look at the last one there.

Say Mrs x comes to you every 6 weeks and spends £70.00. She has been doing this now for the past 3 years. Now its time for her to come again but her son is about to go to college and she needs every penny to get him there. What will she put off… it will be her hair but next time she will come back to you.

She goes to a cheaper salon and gets it done for half the price this time. Ok, she knows it’s not as good and the service was poor but never mind you can sort it out for her.

Six weeks later her hair looks a mess and she is thinking of coming back to you… but she cant cause she feels embarrassed. You know the feeling you think that she will be quizzed by you or you really won’t want to do it for her, as she has been somewhere else.

So what will she do… she tries another salon and another and another and it keeps going on. You might see her again but it could be years away so how do we get her back to the salon.

It may sound daft but you need to give her permission to come back. She wants the thumbs up from you the big ok please come back.

So the question is are we aware of who is missing from the salon?

Where are they and how do we find them again so they return.

The bottom line on the salon is this…

Every year you will lose around 10% of your clients to natural wastage like death, moving and other reasons. So that means if you are doing great now you will need to have 12% new clients every week to keep on growing at a slow pace.

10% and another 20% attrition rate…WOW, that is a lot of clients to replace.

You need to find out who the missing clients are.

You need to mail them or even better ring them and get them back into the fold.

You need to make them an offer they won’t refuse so as to get them back into the salon (such as a free haircut on a quiet day).

In fact, I don’t care what you do run down the street naked shouting (well maybe not )… just get them back because you know what if you fix this problem we all face your business will go through the roof.

Get Missing Salon Client Kit

Two things either contact me for more help, we have a special rate for salon owners just £249 per hour for a consultation or get Salon Extreme 21 manual which even if you ring me I strongly recommend this for all salon business owners (it has a money back guarantee).

Contact me on 0044(0) 161 929 6902 or text/WhatsApp on: 00 44 (0) 7793069486

So until next time…

Alan Forrest Smith

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