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How Any Hair Salon Owner Short of Time Can Easily Motivate Their Team

Tamara Forrest-Smith

… of Fat-Arsed Deadbeat Stylists In As Little As 24 Hours With These 10 Peroxide Lifting Tips

10 Simple Tips To Motivate Stylists

1. Chase a ten dollar bill. The great retail incentive for next Saturday Whoever sells a retail product wins the tenner, however, the next person to sell gets the tenner from the previous winner and so on. At the end of the day the person who holds the money wins it! (so it’s a little like pass the parcel. I would keep the tenner on show in a see through box and whoever has it in their possession it in front of them so all can see. Make the holder of the tenner beep a horn or wear a hat. Fun stuff)

2. Get clients in then mood by offering them an impulse buy like 2 for 1 (clients love impulse buying you can offer them anything on the spot. We also used to ask them to commit to a color on quiet days. Make them a crazy offer. 60% if they have it right now. This can increase your color take up rate by 60% in one day)

3. Take a treatment from the retail stand put it on their hair and then let them keep the remainder to take home. (WORKS LIKE CRAZY… and gets them buying in the future)

4. Have a retail product of the week (do this with your number one product not the worse seller. Give the bad sellers away with it or at break-even. Why? It’ll increase sales fast of your hot products and clear the shelf of the junk)

5. Put a  few packets of color in the fringe  to brighten their weekend. (great way to increase your color long term. It’ll take a monkey seconds to throw in 6 slices in the fringe/bangs and if they love it they’ll be back for more paying next time!. )

6. Give a hand massage while they have a shampoo done. (this is a great way to create something unique for your clients. Great job for Saturday kids to do)

7. Have one in-salon treatment and take home the same free. (Give them a treatment to take away with them. Tell your smelly-rep your doing a promo and force them to supply you with a stack of give-aways. If they wont fire them 😉

8. Have 10 envelopes with scratch cards  in and every time someone sells a product they can choose an envelope to open (I would stop the salon dead every time this happens and get the client to open it for the stylist. Make it a monster hullaballoo)

9. Rebook a client for their next appointment and choose a lucky number at the end of the week do a prize draw and the winner wins two cinema tickets!(or if you both single and both gorgeous … you take them for dinner ;-))

10. Have a snakes and ladder board in the staff room and each time you sell a product they win 1 point and 2 points for a color. The winner gets a meal for two a local fab restaurant. (it’s crucial anything like this is very clear and a fuss is made or it won’t work as well.)

I hope this is helpful,
Head Punk Alan

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