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How 2 extra haircuts can save your life

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Can 2 extra haircuts a day make serious money in your salon?

It always sounds easy when you say it fast, but let’s see…

Let’s say you want to take an extra £20K in the next 90 days

Let’s also assume your average hair bill is £45, And with an upsell, the bill can be the average of £100.

And for the sake of example assume you are a team of 4 with Tracy, Daren, and a graduate working next to you. Your team is kind of busy but not as busy as you would like it to be. In fact, you probably are working most hours and servicing most clients to carry others through.

But let’s get back to the example…

  • If you can get your team to take 2 extra clients a day, that’s one in the morning, one in the afternoon that’s 6 new clients between your 3 stylists a day or £270.
  • If you have a plan and focus on sustaining extra 2 clients a day 5 times a week hat’s £270 x 5 = £1350 extra in a week!
  • That’s £5400 extra takings in a month and 120 extra clients!
  • Now look what happens if you upsell.

Can you upsell 15% of those extra clients? Colour upsell can be as high as 30% to 70% in some salons, (we work with a company who supplies NannoKeratin treatments and their salons charge up to £200 per treatment but that’s for another time.)

That’s 18 clients paying £100 or an extra £1800 a month

To sum all up:

  • Over 90 days (3 months) your new income can rise by £16,200 cutting hair (£5400 x 3), plus an upsell of £5400 (£1800 x 3)
  • Total of extra £21,600 in the next 90 days!

Now it really sounds easy when you say it fast ha?

But the truth is it’s so easy to assume that increasing the profits takes something out of the ordinary, when in reality focusing on the small steps can deliver all the results you need right now…

So, here’s your basic tips

1. Always have a plan. If you know how to get extra 2 clients a day, you can keep replicating over and over
2. Always track and measure. Whatever you focus on and measure grows. If you don’t it fizzles out, it;s a slow death
3. Don’t want to serve 2 extra clients a day and want to figure out what brings the most cash per client? Know your numbers, see what works for you and keep focussing on the basics.

Everything you need to know how to grow salon clients, pack columns and manage stylists and your shop are in the Salon Extreme 21 manual.

Yours in salon

Tamara and team Salon Punk

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