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Has a dismal retail summer effected your salon business? Can you use the Olympics to change that?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Even if your salon business is outside the capital or even the island of Great Britain?

Bad economy? Love it!

Whilst the world goes into panic mode how bad the retail sector has been, accompanied by weak consumer spending, resulting in a number of high street shops – including salon closures, can the London 2012 Olympics bring much-needed cash injection into your salon retail sale?

According to research conducted at Datamonitor, the Olympics would bring in an extra £100m in retail sales, however apparently retailers, and as it appears many of salons have not really seen the difference in client attraction, not according to the media anyways. Tabloids claim some retailers in London’s Oxford Street experiencing the lowest sale in decades, despite the fact that estimated £1.07bn extra sale was going to boost retail sale, as a result of combined efforts put into her Majesty’s Jubilee and London 2012 Olympics!

The question is where does the money go? The fact is money has to go somewhere, and if you can let your savviness shine, whether you are a mobile hairdresser, or a salon owner you can claim the share of whapping £1.07bn sale!

So, here are 5 proven ways to attract new salon clients and help you ride on the Olympics waves and even if you only do 1 of those tips, you will find your salon business getting that long-awaited and well-deserved gold medal!

1. Get creative – in times of downturn, whilst everyone else panics you can have an advantage to outsmart many big salon names, by simply becoming creative. Take your time to figure out what it is that your business can offer to salon customers that your competitors can’t. Don’t just sit and offer same old service every other salon does, otherwise you will be pulling your hair out of frustration.

2. Be Topical and timely – No matter what happens in the economy, regardless of your geographic location, London 2012 Olympics is a great way to celebrate WITH your customers. Tie in your salon promotions in the current topic, excite your prospects, offer special “Olympics Hair” promotions in your marketing. People like associate themselves to what is going on around, you have better chances of grabbing their attention by simply being in the theme!

3. Review your marketing – if the word marketing scares you, think again. Marketing is not something that kind of happens, planned properly, salon marketing plays the vital part to your hairdressing business profitability, and having a clear plan, that has a very specific outcome is crucial to achieve your desired goals. So, if it has been a while since you reviewed, planned and executed your strategies, now is the time to do so. But don’t just plan it, put in action and execute it. And if you don’t know how to market your salon find people who can help you take your salon to the marketplace fast.

4. Existing salon customers – Stabilize and maximize what you already have. When your salon business hits it’s plateau, instead of running out and about an effort to pull new salon customers in and wasting money in salon advertising that does not work, look inside and figure out how you can get your salon customers back. You’d be amazed how much sale you are leaving on the table by simply neglecting you past customers. In fact one client wrote us one time, “I have salon clients I have not seen them in a while”, that prompted Alan Forrest Smith to write one of his best selling manual “How to get back 60% of missing clients in your salon fast”, go ahead and CLICK HERE to download.

Once you maximized everything you currently have with minimum investment and stabilized your salon business than you can plan on doing more.

5. Salon brand – how do you position your business number one in your city, town, or even country and beyond? How do your customers perceive your business and services? and what motivated salon customers to choose your salon over your competitors? Did you know that by simply changing a strapline of your salon business you can pull clients in effortlessly and with minimum investment? We had a client, Grace who specializes in Afro hair, who by simply changing the headline of her salon business pulled in extra £800 worth of sale in just one week! And you can do it too!

Until then have a great day

Tamara Machavariani,
Salon Punk

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