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Hairs to the Olympics

Tamara Forrest-Smith

The Olympics is on its way guys, and with that are an estimated 11 million visitors too. Now I am not a maths whiz but Britain (and your salon) will have to be ready to welcome these millions of people!

An estimation of 2.7 billion pound is what the games will bring through from businesses and effected largely will be that of local Businesses. Local business, including hair and beauty salons, will see a massive increase in trade during the games, with a lot of people shopping, eating, visiting bars and clubs.

Now what could this mean for you as a salon owner?

Understand: People will want to look good. And be aware that all eyes of the world will be on Britain for this event. Its less than a month to go the weathers heating up, the hours of sunlight is growing longer, people are wanting to look and feel good about themselves. Relaxation, fun, excitement is in the air!

Grab Olympics time to get your salon involved.

Realise this is the most popular event in the world to come to London – so associate with it. Become part of the summer excitement. Create compelling spectacles – everybody responds to them. Dress up your shop, dress up your staff. Have a special hair package on. All in the aid of the Olympic spirit.

Find and associate yourself with the images and symbols of the Olympics that we have all become absorbed in reading and watching for the last few months. This will give your customers a sense of fun and participation and what comes with that is a powerful feeling of involvement.

What can your salon learn from McDonalds?

McDonalds is taking huge advantage of this concept. McDonalds are having their staff wear a new designed uniform in mustard colour to associate with the Olympics theme, they have also fitted in thousands of extra seats to accommodate the vast amount of visitors. Just think of the potential they can make from this, by simply being emerged in all things Olympics.

Or best of all – try something new in salon around this time, and see if your customers enjoy it. This summer is about opportunities that may not come by again so get involved.

And good luck.

Maria Claudia Bennett 
Salon Punk Contributing writer

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