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Hairdressers to see their tax bill increase

Tamara Forrest-Smith

If your hairdressers’ chairs is in the UK, as from October the 1st (today) VAT will now be levied on… and the minimum wage rate has increased from £6.08 to £6.19 an hour, BBC announced today

What does it mean to you and your hairdressing business?… apart from making sure more cash is set aside for higher taxes… is it all bad, or can you actually find a way to turn every average Saturday a crazy profits Saturday in salon?

Here’s some 20 years of running salon experience wisdom from Alan Forrest Smith how…

When I had my salons I loved Saturday Why? We used to do something a little crazy and  totally off-the-wall.

Like what?

Like this. We have had a doorman open the door for clients all day long. Give them a drink of champagne on entering (even at 8 AM).

We have had the whole salon (30-40 people at once) playing who wants to be a millionaire. We had had dancing competitions. Live guitarists. Once we even put in a massive table that was made up top look like a breakfast table and then sat the clients down for breakfast with the staff.


Anyway there is a reason behind this. It’s this.

Viral Marketing. What’s that? It’s when clients leave your salon and tell others to go visit your salon. They rant and rave about the experience they had. It’s an amazing business tool.


One Saturday we built a monster sized mountain from one product in the middle of reception. It was Paul Mitchell sculpting foam. Everyone knocked part of it over. If they did we offered them 10% off the bottle as it was dented! Haha … it worked. By the end of the day the mountain was now a tiny little hill.

So do this.

Write Down At Least 5 Things No Salon In Your Town Would Dare Do.

Do it now on a bit of paper. Prepare it all for tomorrow and when you get in you’ll be fired up for an amazing day of party, fun and of course …. a bit of hairdressing!

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