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Get your salon name out there! Five ways to get people talking about your salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Sometimes it can be a nightmare trying to get clients in your salon door and spending their money with you.

It is believed that marketing is to say the least totally bankrupt within most salons. Yes salon owners do not go into business for marketing, they don’t have the time and most believe that certain qualifications for marketing is needed.  So sometimes it’s easier to rely on old school principles of just hoping that customers will come into your shop. Understand: we have now entered a new phase, the globe is so interconnected so tightly associated that if you don’t actively think of things anew to get people talking about your shop you could be missing out on the potential salon profits.

But why am I reminding you of this?

Because in some of the news I see stories of the realities of what salon owners are facing, things they have tried, ultimately to arrive at what is really going on – they are still struggling to get more clients through the door.

So here is five tips which will help you for your salon.

Tip#1 Create special offers based on being social

By offering something free via a fan page by you likening the page or something like tweeting your offer in exchange for a coupon/discount could actually expand your message to all new audiences. Promoting your business by offers in exchange for receiving a special offer allows your shop to get exposure plus the client gets real value, it’s a win win situation.

Tip#2 Reward referrals

By offering your biggest supporters free stuff all the time it means there going to talk about it your shop, there going to find ways to make sure people know about it because they too want to feel cool and special. Understand: make sure you don’t give away any old crap – you want to make sure there is real value that makes these people feel special. Play to the ego of your refers, by giving them first looks special offers things that nobody else gets basically VIP treatment and when you give them this opportunity they will expand your salon awareness in the social media world and word of mouth with little work on your end,

Tip#3 Engage customers

To find your customers on social media, you have to communicate with them. Better still, your salon should actively use social media and engage/interact with those customers. Once you find your customers, engage them. Reply to their comments, retweet, follow them. If they know you care, they will appreciate your business even more and spread the word. Their followers, friends, and family then get the opportunity to find you themselves. Start conversations, post photos and ask their opinion.

Tip#4 Promote social media

Let your customers know you use facebook, twitter, compose mini you tube tutorials so they can find you. How do they find you if they do not know you tweet, blog or post photos on Instagram? Use your shop front, inform them by posting a sign and asking them to follow.

Tip#5 Use your shop mirror

The mirror is a marvellous invention. Use it for your actions, are you training your mind to see your self as others see you? As a salon manager or salon owner are you acting too rushed on the shop floor? Are you trying to hard to please? Be observant about yourself. Because your client has time and will take in your salon vibe. Make a bold statement friendly relaxed.

My question to you is: have you used any of these tips? Can you share some stories? And do you think marketing is more frequent than before?

Maria Claudia Bennett 

Salon Punk Contributing writer

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