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Get Ready To Kick The Butt Of The Big Hairdressing Franchise Salons!

Tamara Forrest-Smith

My test!

This is a slightly different front line as I thought we would run a test for you all. I think you will enjoy it so here are the nuts and bolts behind it.

This test took place in Manchester ( UK). It was in a Number one salon and it was with a number one Senior Stylist.

I cannot and will not share any names but I want you to look at this objectively so we can learn from it and run ahead of these big franchise salons.

It all took place only last week so read and enjoy….

The upper hand…

You know what is exciting as a Salon owner these days if you and you probably are an independent salon owner you “can” have the upper hand on all these Franchise or big chain salons and here is why…

Mission… Visit a top Manchester salon and get the vibe for what is going on in these salons.

Detective… Our man from Seville ( well from Lancashire actually ).

Purpose to it all… Just to see if they really are as good as all the hype shouts about.

Here is what happened.

He went into the salon for his haircut appointment.

After he walked in he was left at the front of reception for 20 mins so he sat down… no-one spoke to him at all. About 5 mins later a girl asked him if he was waiting for a friend.

He replied that he had an appointment with salon director. She said “oh dear” and approached this guy.

After 5 mins debate she came back and said to our little detective “stick this gown on”.

He put it on and then was told to go back and sit in reception… how cool did he feel sat dressed like an angel in reception… you can imagine.

Another 10 mins later another Junior came to him and said “follow me”. They got to the sink and he was left for a further 5 mins. Suddenly another Junior arrived like a stealth commando, never said a word to him pulled his head back into the sink and gave him a 30 second rinse with cold water ( actually this girl had a heart of gold because she even washed his D&G shirt for him at the same time ).

She then moved him to a styling position and eventually this guy comes to him and says to him,,, ” what do you want me to do today ” Well my detective said ” I would like some advice really ” The stylist moaned and then said “we will have to be quick then”.

My man said to him he would like his hair like “this” and asked what did the stylist think. The stylist said ” you cannot do that with your hair “.

Now this man we sent is a senior hair designer not a bank clerk so after some dispute our guy agreed to accept what the stylist said.

Now after he started he left our man. Came back. Left him. Came back. And well you know the rest an this continued for the next hour.

After the great marathon hair cut our guy was then taken to the desk and when they got to the desk the stylist just walked away from him and never said a word.

Our man was left in reception again for another 10-15 mins ( although this time he wasn’t dressed like an angel ) and believe it or not a girl then came up to him and asked him if he had an appointment.

You know what does that sound like one of those crazy one offs to you. Well it isn’t you see we did this three times and every time it was the same. How sad but its great news for salon owners all over the place.

You may feel intimidated by the big salons and to some extent we should but it really is a great time for us. There is clearly a door there that isn’t being opened by the big boys so it’s a great opportunity for you.

Check out these salons and find out what they are doing. Pay for the appointment and you may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Get your service right.
  • Get your after sales right.
  • Produce wonderful haircuts.
  • Blow the socks off your clients give them the WOW factor and you will be the winner in this race.


Love you …


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