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Get off the shop floor Part 2

Tamara Forrest-Smith

How are you getting on with the systems you have created from the last article?

Did you book the four-week holiday? Not confident enough yet? Ok here’s part two for you towards getting off the salon floor and spending some time relaxing.

Who’s your right hand person in the salon? Systems are up and running. But who will keep them moving while you are away? They wont run themselves. Are you the type of salon owner that “likes control?”

Most salon owners I have met so far do. This how salon owners are. Yet you have to stop thinking like a salon owner and think like a businessperson.

If you want to get off the salon floor you need a manager. Let’s define a manager. Is a manager the person that has been working there the longest? Is it the oldest stylist in the salon? Is it your favourite team member that has the best laugh at work?

NONE… don’t fall for those traps, if you do… it will kill the salon dead in its tracks. Most go that way. It doesn’t work. Your manager should be measured on results. If they don’t get results… don’t let them manage.

What do I mean results? You have a figure that your salon has to take each week. You have to reach it. Its up to the manager to make sure you get it. The staff needs motivating and setting up with their weekly targets. Its up to the manager to make sure it gets done. The salon needs cleaning and running properly, its up to the manager to do it. All other systems you have in place, its up to your manager to make sure they get sorted out.

The bottom line is this if you cannot leave a manager to make sure it runs according to the way you have set up your systems… they are not the right person for the job.

When picking your manager look for someone that can do those things. Let them know exactly what is expected from them. Let them know the consequences of not doing it. Reward them well.

If you want to leave the salon or have a holiday and know the salon will still perform you need to be realistic with a manager. Expect them to give you 100% but only except around 75%. That basically means that although your manager will give you 100% of their efforts only expect 75%. If you get more like I do from mine… look after them they only turn up once every solar eclipse..

There you go. You have systems and managers. Things are going to be great. Nearly there now. Be patient. Next time I will show you how to get both the systems and the manager working together. Crack that and you are laughing. Mexico… nearly there.


Team Salon Punk

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