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Get off the shop floor Part 1

Tamara Forrest-Smith

You the salon owner wake up in the morning. What should you do today? After all the salon is going great, everything is cool, the staff is busy, loads of clients, loads of money, great team, they all love you and the salon virtually ruins itself now. Next holiday… Mexico, four weeks here I come.

WAKE UP… It’s a dream… getting off the salon floor, everything running smooth, four weeks away… getting off the salon floor for most salon owners, its just a distant dream never to be fulfilled.

You can do it though and I am going to show you some tips on how based on the way I have done it myself.

The question is then…how, do you get off the salon floor yet still keep your salon running?

There are tons of things to take into account. For example, as a salon owner, you know your tasks are multiple.

You are…

  • Manager.
  • Employer.
  • Accountant.
  • Marketing genius.
  • Hairdresser.
  • Plumber.
  • Peacemaker.
  • Social worker.

And that’s just to name a few. The truth is though its nearly impossible to do all things well YOURSELF. Most salon owners try to do it that way… it doesn’t work, NEVER.

So here is the first few steps to longer days off the shop floor, more days on the beach and still enjoy the rewards.

Step one. GET THE SYSTEM RIGHT. The system is the way it all works, you know the salon itself, running the whole thing, making it work.

So everything has to have a system. What do I mean? Look, part of your system is people management, right? So the system covers all the whats and ifs of managing your team.

Interviews. Sickness. Wages holidays the lot. If you have staff and they want holidays they don’t come in on a Monday and say, ”I want the next two weeks off from tomorrow”. If they did things would soon be a mess so… you have a system or routine that’s followed as part of the holiday process.

So one of the first “GET OFF THE FLOOR” steps has to be Build Your Systems. Make a list of everything you do to keep your salon “alive”. In my salon, our systems cover the lot from how the toilet is cleaned to how the flowers are arranged. Its all part of a system and should be part of yours.

Get the list done.

  • Staffing.
  • Interviews.
  • Sickness.
  • Holidays.

…and anything else you think off.

When you have done that go through your list organise a system that works for each individual thing. How do you know if it doesn’t work? Don’t worry, try it and you will know if all you seniors are off the same Saturday… it hasn’t worked J.

You wont get it right the first time, but when you do… stick to it. It’s YOUR system. So the systems are built, pack your bags and get off the floor. No, no, no, don’t you dare? I have met plenty of salon owners that have and… it does not work. If you do… don’t expect a salon when you get back from Mexico.

Getting your systems right is just the start. In next article issue, I will show you the next vital step to getting that four-week Mexican holiday, more time for your self and a salon that runs on autopilot while you are away.


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