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Focus on THIS not THAT

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Tell me where is your salon business focus right now?

A salon owner emailed me and told me how hard they push on their retail. They push so hard in a single week they pulled in just over £600 in retail sales. He was amazed and felt thrilled about the sales.

I asked him how?

He told me the retail company had spent time training them at the backwash, training them at the unit and training them at every point in the salon. They had provided flash cards, banners, huge window displays and boxes upon boxes of samples.

Most clients didn’t like the push but he loved it and the result was the £600 I mentioned above.

Think about this.

The same salon owner was struggling to pay for anything including his supplier’s invoices.

Let’s look at this retail.

Let’s say from £600 just 30% if clear profit after everything is out.

That means just £180 is actual profit – NOT £600.

This salon opens 6-days a week.

That means he has gained an extra £30 per day in profit or just £3.75.

Does that make sense when he is paying a wage of at least £10 per hour for more sales of just £3.75?

I didn’t tell him to stop retailing but I told him to switch focus.

We switched the focus to selling a premium service of Olaplex. After we went through everything the first day in his salon they sold 7-Olaplex services at £25 each.

Almost all of the service is clear profit.

They sold 32 Olaplex services that week.

That is extra sales and a profit of almost £800.

Do you want £180 or £800?

I am not saying stop retailing but I am saying switch focus onto what you know will make your salon a profit not what you are being told will make your salon a profit.

I hope this helps.



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