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Don’t Ever-Never, Let Your Stylists Dictate Their Pay

Tamara Forrest-Smith

… Because Most Of Them HATE YOU!

This one really drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do so many salon owners let let their stylists dictate their pay?

Here’s you Mr/Mrs salon owner trying to be fair and nice. You have all the stress of running a salon, looking after budgets paying the rent. All your stylists want is more and more and more! They DON’T CARE!

Now listen this has got to stop!! Its simple you only have 3 things to think about

  3. PROFIT (and lots of it)

Unless you have those 3 things you cannot run a mega-successful salon that wipes the floor in your town.

Obvious? yep you bet but if your paying out 50,55 even 65% in commissions how an earth are you going to motivate your team! All the money has gone to the stylists, so they get bored and leave right!

  • How are you going to pay for Training and learning new techniques?
  • How are you going to be motivated if there’s no profit to grow?
  • How do you keep the salon looking fresh, clean and up to date?
  • What about your marketing budget to build on clients?
  • You would like to take on that new product range but theirs no cash to do it.

All these things sound familiar? well if they do you need to sit on the end of the bed and say to yourself “WHAT AN EARTH AM I DOING”.

Look 55% 45% 65% yep nice commissions but they don’t mean zilch unless they have are used against the cut and finish price right! So just ask your stylist when they want a pay rise or new commission “how much would you like to earn because I will pay you what ever you want!”.

Watch their faces then when they tell you, (but I bet they can’t) I want to earn this much cash, you can say OK well all you have to take is this…….Then you can look at the commission rate to fit into your business (not their dreams)!!!

I get sick to death of this commission war they only focus on the percentages not on what they are taking otherwise they would ask for £2000 dollars of what ever a month RIGHT! not 55% Get them focused on making their clients look and feel fantastic increase their average bill and your on a winner “both of you”


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