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Don’t Be a Salon Turkey: Last-Minute Tips for Your Pre-Christmas sale

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Only 2 weekends to go and the party is heating up

If you are reading this email in December, then chances are you’ve got the turkey defrosting and a pudding maturing in a safe place hidden away from your kids and family, but if you are tempted to just leave your salon without ensuring your salon can take all the cash it can over the Christmas period and get on with the cranberry sauce, consider these 5 simple last-minute tactics before you leave the salon for Christmas dinner:

1. Don’t Go Undercover

Do you advertise salon online? Whether your salon is situated in a small town or in a busy capital this is THE time of the year when you should increase advertising exposure and budget where it matters the most. For example, if you are advertising using Google PPC, it’s wise to increase the budget to cope with the increased demand from the party people. People searching for your salon and beauty products increase dramatically over holiday season so make sure you are prepared to capture the maximum leads and sales.

2. Resolve Flier Issues Ahead of Time

Using traditional salon flier ads? Review your holiday ad copy. Add a sense of urgency and a call to action, make sure your holiday headline captures the buyers. This is true for both paper advertising, as well as online banner advertising. I know you will be busy cutting hair and styling but take time to test more than one advertising copy and take time to check the effectiveness of
the fliers.

3. Don’t Forget You Customers

It’s surprising how many salons would forget to say merry Christmas or send out Seasons greetings. With the competition peaking and so many offers around your customers, it is easy to loose a customer. Your job as a salon owner is to continuously deepen the bond with your salon clients and what a great opportunity you have during Christmas to bond with them? So if you have not done your seasons greetings yet, now is the time to sort it out.

4. Upsell and gift wrap

It’s not just hair cut and style your customers are after. Gifts, holiday presents and gift vouchers is something most customers will be looking for. Give your customers a choice. Display pre-packaged holiday gifts for people to take away. Advertising in-store gift vouchers and Christmas goodies can easily more than double your takings, make sure you are not leaving sale on the table.

5. Tap into the buzz

Do something different. Take your salon outside your shop. Can you pop a shop in a busy shopping centre, or in the middle of the Christmas market? Check the last minute events calendar, such as
Santa runs in your hometown and offer an opportunity to runners to complete the race in style in your pop-up salon. Tap into the holiday cheers and more than double your holiday takings while having fun.
Give us a shout

We’d love to hear what your salon is up to this Christmas and any suggestions for your fellow salon owners, share your stories, or simply get in touch if you need further help with holiday salon marketing.

Yours in Salon
Tamara Machavariani from Salon Punk

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