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Does your salon stand out from the crowd?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

…and win a salon competition challenge
Did you know that Beauty Salon business is ‘Googled’ 20 million times a month in the UK, considering the selection is so vast and time is so short, it’s important to stand out. Just see if you can take a few moments to examine your salon through the eyes of your salon clients. Try to see the benefits that you can offer, best off all try to see what benefits are not offered by those you compete with. You only need one good one.
Here are some good features you can work on in the meantime:

Your Salon Website

It’s all about location, location, location … Why? Because 70% of women under 50, surf the internet every single day, looking for services to improve their looks and benefits to impact their lives.If your salon business is not online most likely you are leaving big chunk of salon profits on the table, but is it just about being online? – visitors that click on your salon website do not know how good your services are but their first look at your website will give them an immediate perception of your hair beauty salon and salon brand.

To avoid them heading over to the salon over the road you have to offer something they don’t and centre your marketing on the lack they have which will be your competitive advantage. If you don’t have one make time, energy, imagination and knowledge a good starting point.

Salon Credibility. 

When your salon clients see that you are interested in them and that you do things in their favour, they will believe in you. It makes them feel good and this is a powerful tool because when your clients believe in you, you’ve won credibility in their minds. And this all boils down to how you treat these clients, how you act as a salon, and your salons overall level of professionalism along with how you market.

Godfather of Guerrilla Marketing’s Spying tip!

Reality can be rather harsh, but a clear picture of the truth about your salon business can be a powerful weapon. It takes constant effort to carve a place for yourself within the salon world but the firmer your grasp on reality, the more power you will have to change it for your purposes. Make everything better than your competitors. But how do you do that?

Answer: by spying! Your competitors just like you are getting smarter everyday, and with a vast amount of information out there, the best way to measure up to them is by “actively engaging in regular spying”. Make a call to a competitive company and request some information and see by this experience how you are treated. Then make the appropriate changes so that you are doing everything better than they are.

I hope this helped and that you can share some stories?

Let us know.
Maria Claudia Bennett – Salon Punk contributing writer

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