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Does Yellow Page Salon Advertising Actually Work?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Your salon phone rings. You are busy yet the person that answers the phone comes over to you and says …

“Alan, it’s Yellow Pages, they need to talk now”

Although you’re bombed out, you quickly run to the phone. The guy from Yellow Pages says to you …

“Hi Alan, your Yellow Page advert has to be in by Friday at the latest, I’ll pick it up then”

You go back to your client and although you do your best with your client your now thinking about this.

Do I do my Yellow Page advert this time, it never seems to work for me?

If I don’t do it the other local salons will do it and I’ll miss out and look bad.

I don’t have anything to put in so I’ll write an advert at break time.

And even worse… you are mega busy or your super quiet. The Yellow page guy has said it has to be ready for tomorrow otherwise, you’ll miss out.

Nightmare, I know!

What You Need To Know About Advertising In Yellow Pages

First … Yellow Page adverts when done right WILL pull like crazy, that’s PROVEN, I have seen and created Yellow Page adverts that have pulled in dozens of new clients.

So …

When the Yellow Page Rep Rings they are trained to put you under pressure so you will take action and book your advert right away.

They are trained to say things like…

Has to be in for Friday …. the deadline is on Friday …. if you miss Friday, you won’t be in this year … and more!

They are trained to put you under pressure for the sake of the sale. I can tell you…. you can be pretty late with the advert… when you PANIC … you’ll make a mess of the advert!

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5 Tips for your next Yellow Page Advert.

1. Plan in advance. The secret to making this work and pulling in your clients is to plan ahead. It’ll be cheaper for you also. When under pressure from the Yellow Page rep you’ll make the wrong decision. I should know… I’ve made plenty over the years!

2. Hire a copywriter. Copywriters are the guys that write and create adverts or advertising. You will be offered by Yellow Pages a free design by their graphic designer. The problem with that is a graphic designer is not a sales person. They do not understand how to use words to sell. Either learn copywriting or hire a copywriter, (

3. Get the elements of your advert right. 99.9% of hair and beauty adverts are wrong. The layouts are wrong, the designs are wrong. There is a link at the end of this page that’ll help you to see what I mean. Read it and it’ll help you.

4. Add a call to action. This isn’t so obvious. If it was most would do it. Most fail to do it! The call to action is simply telling the clients what to do next. Pick up the phone, email now, whatever. Make sure you add it.

5. Make them an offer. This is your chance to pull in a new client from your advert. Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Offer a discount, a free gift, a prize draw, just make them an offer and use your selling space wisely.

Say everything as fast as possible. Space is very, very short in an advert. You have to say everything you can in a small area. The key is pack your advert full of benefits for the client. What will interest a client more do you think…

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I hope this helps you.

Alan Forrest Smith

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