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Do you know your salon is missing from high street?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Your customers can’t find your salon on high street!

Even though your salon business is running, your customers have not seen your salon recently, which means your customers have not visited your salon in a while. New customers are waiting, but they can’t shop with you if they can’t find your salon. 

Your salon business deserves to get noticed – but your salon marketing isn’t getting the job done.

Here’s the good news: a little fix-it work can make a big difference.

Try these 3 tips to be seen on high street:

1. Find out why your customers aren’t seeing your salon

When you ask the right questions, customers will tell you what to do to make your salon business more profitable. Simply by listening to customers, you will capture valuable information to help you determine what you are missing on advertising or service. You’d be surprised how seemingly insignificant things can turn things around. A client of ours nearly doubled his weekly customer rate by changing the music and recreating the atmosphere in his salon. 

2. Get noticed by choosing salon marketing tools your customers can relate to. Choose advertising that motivates them to buy a new product, or visit your salon instead of your competitors. 

3. Save time by switching to automatic email marketing. Don’t want to spend time on computer designing advertising? Start using professional email marketing services and pre-set automated promotions to be delivered at your chosen time, that way you will avoid missing advertising.

With these simple tweaks, your salon could soon be attracting lots of potential customers your way.

Best wishes
Salon Punk

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