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Do you have a freedom workforce in your salon?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Do you employ a FREEDOM WORKFORCE?

The way people – hairdressers – work and think has profoundly changed.

If you are still trying to employ staff the way you’ve always employed staff you are in trouble. Staff of today don’t even consider themselves to be workers (or as they would say and think slaves). They want freedom within the refines of a FREEDOM WORKER, not a jobber.

The web changed everything. We became a world with no borders.

One reason we see so much unrest is the younger ones want what they see online. The top priority is freedom and happiness.
When I had my salons, I did something unusual. I gave my seniors six weeks holiday. This was pretty groundbreaking at the time. NO ONE did this and this created an endless list of top stylists that wanted to come and work for me.

Not only did they get six weeks that also had one Saturday off every month. They loved it. I also gave them loans to help start their first house or car. Mad right.

Would that work today? I doubt it because of the needs of the human – the stylist- has changed so much. They now want their freedom to do as they like. They want to be part of the freedom workforce. Travel, work, work, travel, do nothing, take selfies on a famous landmark and fly to the next place and then… Come back to their job 3-months later.

The world has changed. Even the 21st century is nothing like it started and its only 19 years old.

So, if you are still employing like it’s the 80s you are in trouble. And you are in trouble hiring staff, right?

You have two options.

First, work with me and let’s take your salon into another dimension and I mean according to my long-term results … a very different dimension by creating something unique and of course profitable for you.

Two, order and USE Salon Extreme-21 and its 500 pages to start making profound changes.

Actually, you have three options. You can keep listening to an out-dated industry (and dangerous new salon business experts chasing egos) and keep doing what they teach and keep doing what everyone else is doing but OMG really is that what you want?

The Salon Punk book is out and can place your order online.

Are you ready to take back control of your salon and business?

The Salon Punk, Alan
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